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Siemens introduces cardiology software for MRT scans

25 April 2006

Siemens syngo BEAT softwareSiemens Medical Solutions presented a new cardiology software tool, syngo BEAT, for magnetic resonance tomography (MRT), at the spring meeting of the German Association for Cardiology (DGK). In the clinical routine, syngo BEAT reduces MR examinations of the heart to a few mouse clicks — even for patients suffering from arrhythmia. As a result it enables faster and more accurate diagnostics and increases efficiency in cardiology.

Although known for its excellent diagnostic abilities, the use of Cardio MR or CMR is frequently dismissed as too complicated and time-consuming. But with the arrival of syngo BEAT, a few mouse clicks provide simple and quick examinations for diagnosing cardiac function, myocardiac morphology, extent of infarct and 3D coronary anatomy.

In close to 80% of all cases, examinations are completed in less than 30 minutes. The prerequisites for these advances are intelligent algorithms that e.g. automatically adjust the acquisition parameters to the heart rate or automatically suppress data acquisition in arrhythmia. This means that CMR can be developed further into considerably simpler examinations for a broad patient cohort.

Syngo BEAT is suitable for the following: proof of mycardiac scars (vitality diagnostics) clarification of thoractic pain (stress MRT), differential diagnostics of cardiomyopathies, congenital heart disease as well as for planning ablations in electrophysiology. Syngo BEAT also supports 3D displays of, for example, cardiac function, coronary vessels or complex congenital cardiac defects.

Tim (Total imaging matrix) technology makes the new syngo MR applications possible. This is a software-based solution that supports faster acquisition of more detailed images. With iPAT (integrated Parallel Acquisition Technique) in all directions, Tim can provide the shortest measurement times without compromising spatial resolution.
In addition to Magnetom Avanto, both the Tim technology and syngo MR applications are now available for 3 Tesla Magnetom Trio systems.

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