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First UK installation of Draeger Infinity shared network and ECG management system

27 March 2006

London, UK. Draeger Medical UK Limited has installed the first Infinity OneNet shared network and Infinity MegaCare ECG management solution in the UK at Southend Hospital, Essex.

The hospital required a complete networking system that utilised its existing IT infrastructure, together with a single monitor platform that is flexible enough to meet the various acuity levels within the different areas of the hospital. The project was awarded to Draeger Medical UK to supply monitoring, including the first Infinity OneNet solution, and the first Infinity MegaCare solution in the UK.

Infinity OneNet lets hospitals run wired and wireless patient monitoring systems on the hospital's existing network infrastructure. Traditionally, patient monitoring has required its own separate, dedicated network in order to guarantee security and performance. Infinity OneNet is an innovative approach to implementing life-critical patient monitoring networks. It is both a network architecture and a comprehensive suite of professional services that allows the hospital's existing enterprise network to provide patient monitoring in parallel with its commercial and administrative applications — all on one industry-standard network.

“The traditional medical network approach really doesn’t lend itself to the way IT works in today’s environment,” says Audi Lucas, Medical Networks Manager of Dräger Medical. “There’ll be a set of specifications and hospitals will have to configure their medical networks that way. It’s very hard, not at all flexible and doesn’t work with wireless monitoring. What we came up with was a way of customising the network for each individual hospital. That’s a big change.”

Infinity MegaCare is a Web-based ECG management system that allows Southend's care givers to review, edit, analyse, and confirm ECGs from any computer on the hospital network. Because it is a true Web-based application, it requires minimal hardware investment. A single Infinity MegaCare server can support millions of records and up to 100 concurrent users across multiple sites.

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