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Mercury and Acuo Technologies collaborate in hosted medical image management

7 March 2006

Vienna, Austria. Mercury Computer Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: MRCY) has announced an extended partnership with Acuo Technologies, a provider of medical image management and archiving solutions, at the European Congress of Radiology. Acuo, in collaboration with U.S. service providers, will include Visage PACS, Mercury's image management solution, as a bundled offering in its application service provider (ASP) offering in the United States.

In cooperation with other providers, Acuo Technologies has created a completely hosted solution for healthcare IT, including image-information and other management systems. Under this partnership, hospitals, clinics and physicians are able to access the web-based software from Visage PACS locally via Acuo's peer-aware architecture, or centrally via data-centre-hosted solutions. Radiologists and clinicians can access the PACS solution at any time via the Internet and retrieve medical imaging data for interpretation, as well as archive image data in the data centre. Visage PACS offers comprehensive workflow optimization and supports standards such as IHE and HL 7.

"In the ASP model as well, hospitals enjoy the full functionality of Visage PACS. Data access is on demand via a browser and is in real time," said Marcelo Lima, Vice President of Commercial Imaging and Visualization at Mercury Computer Systems. "In this way, doctors can store their image data in a distributed or central approach without losing time, and use it for interpretation."

In addition, hospitals opting for this outsourcing solution can reduce the total cost of ownership. "Users only have to pay a usage fee, per study or monthly, for example. Further investments for IT infrastructure and software licensing are not needed," emphasized Shannon Werb, CTO at Acuo Technologies. "Our provider partners make the necessary infrastructure available in the data processing centre and undertake the entire hardware and software maintenance. Thus, the users' expenditure of time and costs is dramatically reduced. Because data are accessed via VPN, ultimate data protection is ensured." Ten imaging centres and clinics in the United States have already signed up for the ASP services.

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