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Gamma Medica-Ideas launches faster, higher quality imager

7 September 2005

Northridge, California & Oslo, Norway. In conjunction with Biomolex AS (Oslo, Norway), Gamma Medica-Ideas has introduced the Biomolex 700 Direct Digital Imager, a rapid-acquisition, solid-state instrument for imaging radiolabeled genomic microarrays, proteomic microarrays, and tissue sections.

The Biomolex 700 imaging time is faster and quality is higher. Its high-purity silicon detector is 20 times more sensitive than standard phosphor imagers and can achieve image resolution of better than 50 microns.

Within its 3 x 6 centimetre field of view each photon emitted from a source is converted directly into a useful imaging signal. By contrast, current phosphor technology uses an indirect process in which photons are converted into light pulses that are then converted into imaging signals.

The Biomolex 700's direct detection process is ten times more efficient than the indirect process employed by phosphor technology. The result of this direct detection breakthrough is that researchers can now achieve true quantification of radioisotope uptake for all common beta emitters — C-14, S-35, P-33, P-32, and others.

Unique to the Biomolex 700 are two features that will help researchers obtain better results faster:

  • Real time image viewing — investigators can monitor experiments as they progress and conduct preliminary image analyses without interrupting image acquisitions — this cannot be done with phosphor imagers.
  • Faster image acquisition — images are produced in a fraction of the time required by traditional phosphor imagers, significantly boosting lab productivity.

"We are pleased to expand our offerings to the pre-clinical research community by adding this breakthrough ex-vivo imaging tool to our market-leading FLEX(TM) in-vivo imaging systems," said Dr. Bradley E. Patt, President and CEO of Gamma Medica-Ideas.

"For several years we've worked with Gamma Medica-Ideas (Norway) (formerly Ideas ASA) and other collaborators in a dedicated effort to develop a truly breakthrough direct-detection digital imaging instrument," said Havard H. Hauge, Managing Director of Biomolex AS in Oslo. "Now that our instrument is ready, we're excited about working with Gamma Medica-Ideas to bring it to market."

For more information see www.gammamedica.com and www.ideas.no.

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