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Dräger unveils remote-access solution for monitoring cardiopulmonary status

1 September 2005

Luebeck, Germany. Dräger Medical has developed a new system that enables physicians to remotely access their patients' cardiopulmonary status in near real time by using an integrated remote access solution. The company unveiled the concept at the 9th World Congress of the World Federation of Societies of Intensive and Critical Care Medicine in Buenos Aires at the end of August, 2005.

Patient undergoing critical care in hospital bed

Components of the new remote access system include the Infinity Gateway Suite, which provides the tools to export vital signs and ventilation data from Infinity patient monitors and Evita series ventilators to other systems; Infinity Pocket WinView, a PDA application that enables physicians to see patient information on a hand-held device; Infinity WebViewer, a browser application that enables near real-time remote viewing of vital signs and ventilation data on any networked PC; and Infinity ChartAssist, a Web-based electronic information system for the intensive care unit. To protect data security, remote access is provided in accordance with the existing data security guidelines of the hospital.

Remote access can help hospitals increase the quality of care by enabling clinicians to serve their patients better by having access to information faster. High acuity patients may deteriorate rapidly, and time is often of the essence. It allows consulting physicians to obtain patient information regardless of where they are. Dräger Medical's solution gives caregivers access to their patients' cardiopulmonary status wherever and whenever they want, within the limits of the hospital intranet.

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