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University Medical Center Utrecht acquires 3D surgery imaging workstations

25 January 2007

Bilthoven, The Netherlands. The University Medical Center Utrecht, The Netherlands, has signed a contract with 3mensio Medical Imaging BV for the development and delivery and of its 3surgery workstations to convert 2D CT and MRI images into 3D pictures.

The new 3surgery workstation is based on 3mensio 3D technology already proven in radiology and will be adapted for the specific needs of vascular surgeons to have access to pre–operative measurement tools and be better prepared for minimally invasive surgery.

“Medical Imaging and subsequently measurements are becoming a crucial part in the treatment of aneurysms, using the Endovascular Aneurysm Repair (EVAR) procedure,” said Prof.dr. F. Moll, head of Vascular Surgery at the University Medical Center Utrecht. “3mensio Medical Imaging BV will provide us with a user friendly software program which allows us to prepare the procedure at our local department or even on my laptop,” continues his colleague Dr. H. Verhagen, vascular surgeon of the University Medical Center Utrecht.

“We are very pleased with the collaboration with centres of excellence like the vascular department, where Prof Dr F Moll and his team combine the latest technologies with daily medical practice. This is rather unique within Europe. The fact that this centre is located at close proximity of our software development site is a coincidence; however, I am considering this a bonus!” said Frank Wessels, CEO and founder of 3mensio Medical Imaging BV. “Our flexible 3D imaging software platform allows us to quickly develop and deliver software applications tailored to the particular needs of the different hospital departments. We are constantly looking for areas to expand our business.”

3mensio Medical Imaging BV has been collaborating for a number of years with leading radiologists throughout the world in order to develop their radiology product 3viseon. This collaboration is the first step to expand the 3D products into markets outside of radiology.

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