American diabetics fight for right to continuous blood glucose monitors

3 August 2008

A group of American diabetics has launched a campaign to get insurance companies to allow claims for continuous glucose monitoring systems (CGMS).

Diabetes Talkfest ran an online rally called CGMS Denial Day in association with the online diabetes community to raise public awareness of how insurance companies are denying claims from diabetics for continuous glucose monitors.

Following a positive response to the rally, Diabetes Talkfest has launched the CGMS Denial Campaign, which has an online petition that will be sent to all major health insurance providers. The campaign aims to obtain at least 2000 signatures for the first round of the campaign by November 9, 2008. founder Gina Capone said, "After a recent week-long trial with a CGMS, during which time my blood sugars were significantly better, I was once again denied by my health insurance provider. This problem isn't going away and neither are we. And this petition is going to let health insurance companies know we are going to continue this fight. We have come together as a community and will continue to raise our voices until we are heard."

A CGMS can prevent and reduce complications and warns users who are no longer sensitive to hypoglycaemia of approaching low blood sugars, especially during bed-time hours. It allows diabetics to greatly reduce the number of times they have to check blood glucose through finger pricks, and has the ability to constantly monitor glucose levels by showing trends in blood sugars for people that experience hyperglycaemia (high blood sugars).

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