Reliant Technologies and Philips partner to develop laser products for skin treatment

21 August 2008

Reliant Technologies Inc., developer of the Fraxel laser systems, has announced an agreement with Philips to develop skin care technologies for use in the home.

The agreement will combine Reliant's expertise in developing innovative skin rejuvenation laser treatments with Philips' design, marketing and global distribution capabilities, to provide consumers with home use skin care solutions that deliver safe and effective results. Skin resurfacing is one of the fastest growing segments of the beauty industry.

"We are excited to team up with Philips, a company with a globally recognized consumer brand and a commitment to offer consumers advanced, easy-to-use products," said Eric Stang, president and CEO of Reliant Technologies. "This exclusive partnership will allow us to leverage Reliant's unique fractional laser technology and enter the growing home-use aesthetic market with innovative products that use the Philips and Fraxel brands."

"The partnership with Philips continues the strong Reliant tradition of research and development that results in safe and effective products that fit our patients' lifestyles, whether in a physician's office or in the home," said Len DeBenedictis, Chief Technology Officer of Reliant Technologies. "Development of a home use device will complement the current portfolio of Fraxel laser systems by allowing consumers an introduction to Fraxel treatments and by offering a convenient touch-up solution between professional Fraxel treatments."

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