NoemaLife acquires Ferrania UK

11 August 2008

Italian-German healthcare software specialist NoemaLife SpA has taken over Ferrania UK Limited, the UK arm of Italian imaging and photographic product company Ferrania Technologies SpA.

The acquisition was part of an earlier deal in which NoemaLife acquired the radiology information (RIS) and picture archiving and communications systems (PACS), in addition to the service division, of Ferrania Technologies’ LifeImaging operations.

NoemaLife products cover the main clinical processes at departmental, hospital and community level, including laboratory and pathology information systems, electronic patient records, microbiology systems and bacterial risk management.

The company’s existing offering did not, however, include a radiology information system and the acquisition of this element of Ferrania’s LifeImaging division is intended to fill that gap.

The acquisition by NoemaLife allows Ferrania UK Ltd to offer the entire range of NoemaLife’s solutions to UK customers in addition to its existing LifeImaging systems.

Ferrania LifeWeb generated revenues of approximately 3.4 million in 2007. The Ferrania LifeWeb specialised team in clinical digital imaging also transferred to NoemaLife. The 18-strong team will form the core of a research and development centre, according to Paolo Serra, NoemaLife General Director.

Graeme Russell, managing director, Ferrania UK said: “This acquisition by NoemaLife is very exciting for Ferrania UK; NoemaLife is a market leader in clinical information systems and their range of solutions complement our LifeImaging family perfectly, meaning we can offer a comprehensive service to the UK healthcare market.”

Ferrania UK has contracts in many UK primary care trusts including Newcastle upon Tyne NHS hospitals, and the North West Wales NHS Trusts.

The Photocolour business unit of Ferrania UK has been consolidated into a new UK subsidiary of Ferrania Technologies SpA.

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