Philips introduces MRI, DR and CT systems

8 March 2013

Philips is introducing three new radiology imaging systems at the 2013 European Congress of Radiology (ECR 2013). All three systems combine the capabilities for high patient throughput with the functionality and advanced clinical imaging applications.

Multiva 1.5T MRI

The Multiva 1.5T MRI system combines high productivity with the capability to go beyond standard MRI applications. At its heart is the FlexStream workflow that improves coil handling efficiency for head, spine, musculoskeletal, body and neurovascular exams, reducing scan set-up time by up to 40%. In addition, Multiva 1.5T delivers up to 16 times faster imaging, provides high-quality images of large anatomical areas for increased diagnostic confidence, and includes multiple features to improve the patient’s overall comfort and experience.

DuraDiagnost digital radiography (DR) system

The DuraDiagnost digital radiography (DR) system is a cost-effective solution that brings the benefits of DR to more radiology departments. These benefits include images that are available within seconds and can easily be saved and shared, enhancing workflow efficiency. DuraDiagnost uses premium features such as the UNIQUE image processing and Eleva user interface, which automatically and intuitively ensure the right image settings are used for each examination.

The system is available in three configurations of which the first two deliver a full range of exams; the dual-detector Efficiency room allows rapid switching between different types of examinations for high patient throughput, the Compact room's unique geometry fits into small rooms, while the table-based Focus room enables enhanced department set-up flexibility for an affordable investment.

Ingenuity Flex 16-slice CT scanner

The Ingenuity Flex is a 16-slice CT scanner that delivers robust imaging with fast acquisition and reconstruction for streamlined workflows that let clinicians spend more time with their patients.

Highly flexible, it is ideally suited for routine and cardiac CT imaging, and provides valuable advanced clinical applications delivered through the Philips Extended Brilliance Workspace that helps the clinicians differentiate their practice. The system offers personalized image quality at low dose with the iDose4 option. In addition the Ingenuity Flex allows personalized dose checks and reporting to manage dose for each patient. Additional upgradeability options allow the system to grow with the customer to maximize their return on investment.



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