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Report: Nanobiotechnology
Nanobiotechnology, an integration of physical sciences, molecular engineering, biology, chemistry and biotechnology holds considerable promise of advances in pharmaceuticals and healthcare. The report starts with an introduction to various techniques and materials that are relevant to nanobiotechnology. Application in life sciences research, particularly at the cell level sets the stage for role of nanobiotechnology in healthcare in subsequent chapters. more ...

1000 Genomes Project reaches new frontiers in human genetics
The 1000 Genomes Project, a major international collaboration to build a more detailed map of human genetic variation and genetic association with diseases, has completed its pilot phase. 27 Oct 2010

Octopus invests £1.7m in Michelson Diagnostics' OCT scanner
The investment from Octopus will help fund the manufacture and placement of VivoSight scanners with key-opinion-leaders for clinical and economic validation, and will support the growth of the sales infrastructure in the UK and USA. 26 Oct

UK’s first robotic multi-axis C-arm for complex vascular surgery
The Royal Free Hospital in North London has opened the UK’s first advanced interventional imaging system, Artis zeego from Siemens Healthcare. 26 Oct 2010

Bernhard Dräger Award for research on non-invasive respiratory monitoring
The Bernhard Dräger Award for Advanced Treatment of Acute Respiratory Failure has been awarded to Dr Jean-Christophe Richard from the Red Cross Civil Hospital in Lyon, France. 26 Oct 2010

Almac integrates drug development services into new US headquarters
Almac has completed the first phase of relocating employees from three business units to the new 240,000 square feet state-of-the-art integrated drug development facility. 26 Oct 2010

Eucomed calls for improvements in EU medical technology legislation
Eucomed has called for improvements in the current ‘notified body based system’ for medical technology certification in Europe, but does not believe it requires a major overhaul. 26 Oct 2010

Royal Oldham Hospital upgrades imaging department with innovative MRI
The Royal Oldham Hospital, part of Pennine Acute Hospitals NHS Trust in northern England, has upgraded its imaging department to offer patients quicker scanning times following the installation of a Magnetom Avanto 1.5 Tesla MRI from Siemens Healthcare. 26 Oct 2010

NEC adds 27" wide-format screen to MDView medical imaging range
The 3.7-megapixel wide-format LCD screen allows two or more medical images to be viewed simultaneously thanks to its 27" size and a powerful picture-by-picture function. 26 Oct 2010

Plasticell launches second generation Combicult cell culture screening platform
Plasticell has launched its second generation screening platform, the Combicult 10,000-plex screen. It is capable of rapidly screening up to ten thousand cell culture media combinations. 26 Oct 2010

TRaC appoints Chinese partner for European certification and testing
Regulatory compliance company TRaC has announced the appointment of Guangzhou Certitek Testing Service Co Ltd to the TRaC Partner Programme. 26 Oct 2010

First patient in Italy treated with TruBeam radiotherapy
The Humanitas Clinic in Rozzano-Milan has treated the first person in Italy using a revolutionary new linear accelerator from Varian medical Systems.  25 Oct 2010

Philips launches new line of neonatal blood pressure supplies
The new line of neonatal cuffs, air hoses, and upgrade kits are designed to prevent tragic misconnection errors that can cause harm to the most vulnerable of patients. 25 Oct 2010

Barcode system to correctly identify patient samples
The Brenmoor PATscan system duplicates patient’s information from a printed wristband straight onto a label in less than a second, enabling correct identification of hospital samples. 25 Oct 2010

Malaria mosquitoes rapidly evolving into new species
Genetic analysis of the two strains of mosquito responsible for the majority of malaria transmission in Africa has found that they have evolved such substantial genetic differences that they are becoming different species. 22 Oct 2010

Budget cuts in Europe threaten science research and economic development
Euroscience, the European Association for the Promotion of Science and Technology, has warned of the dangers of government budget cuts across Europe for science and economic development. 22 Oct 2010

Technology World 2010 to showcase best of UK science and technology — 7-8 Dec
Technology World 2010 will be held in partnership with the UK Nano and Emerging Technologies Forum to create a major two-day 'business opportunity' event that will showcase the best of British science and technology. 22 Oct 2010

Medtronic to distribute Tissuemed's neurosurgical film
Leeds-based Tissuemed has entered into a distribution agreement with Medtronic in which Medtronic will distribute Tissuemed's Obex NeuroFilm Cerebrospinal Fluid Barrier in markets outside the US. 22 Oct 2010

Maquet introduces NAVA for non-invasive ventilation for patients
Maquet Critical Care has introduced neurally adjusted ventilatory assist (NAVA) for non-invasive ventilation in adult patients. 22 Oct 2010

Leads to Development opens new offices in London and Lyon
L2D is a pioneering business created to manage the non-clinical aspects of development projects for biotech and pharmaceutical companies. 22 Oct 2010

Aloka unveils new ProSound ultrasound system to European market
Aloka has launched its new flagship model, the ProSound F75. The system has bespoke settings for obstetrics and gynaecology assessments and includes a new feature to simultaneously display stored and real-time images. 22 Oct 2010

Aberdeen biotechnology students develop concept to reduce osteoporosis
A revolutionary concept, which could help alleviate diseases including osteoporosis, has been dreamt up by a group of Aberdeen University postgraduate students for the Biotechnology Young Entrepreneurs Scheme (YES) competition. 22 Oct 2010

Almac invests $4m in biocatalysis business 
Almac is continuing to both advance the biocatalysis business and to broaden application of its biocatalysis expertise with a further US$4m R&D investment. 22 Oct 2010

Roundtable on dendritic cell therapy for cancer treatment
The goal of the round table was to obtain a status about dendritic cell therapy in cancer treatment to be able to provide accurate information about this therapeutic option. 22 Oct 2010

3M completes acquisition of Arizant
3M has completed its acquisition of Arizant Inc., a manufacturer of patient warming solutions designed to prevent hypothermia in surgical settings. 21 Oct 2010

Nuevolution in collaboration to develop drugs for epigenetic disorders
Copenhagen-based Nuevolution is collaborating with EpiTherapeutics, ExpreS2ion Biotechnologies and the Biotech Research & Innovation Centre (BRIC), University of Copenhagen, to identify and develop novel small molecule drugs against epigenetic factors. 21 Oct 2010

The sanofi-aventis BG Star blood glucose monitorsanofi-aventis announces blood glucose monitor for diabetes self management
sanofi-aventis has announced the upcoming launch of the compact blood glucose monitoring devices BGStar and iBGStar for easy management of diabetes. 21 Oct 2010

OCT image of microneedles penetrating the skinOptical coherence tomography shows effect of drug delivery by microneedles
Researchers at Queen’s University Belfast have studied the performance of microneedles for drug delivery using an optical coherence tomography system from Michelson Diagnostics (MDL). 21 Oct 2010

Ubichem launches Discovery Chemical Catalogue online
The catalogue allows a search of the functionalised building blocks and to purchase chemical compounds. 21 Oct 2010

DNA and protein analysis confirms Black Death caused by Yersinia pestis bacteria
Anthropologists at the Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz (JGU) have proven that the bacteria Yersinia pestis was the causative agent behind the "Black Death" that raged across Europe in the Middle Ages. 21 Oct 2010

Welch Allyn launches handheld digital blood pressure device to world markets
Welch Allyn has introduced the Connex ProBP 3400, an automated digital blood pressure device designed to fit in the palm of the hand.
It provides a portable option for capturing reliable blood pressure readings in virtually any hospital or primary care environment. 21 Oct 2010 Deutsch Français Español

St George's Hospital selects MDI's PCR-based assay for MRSA screening
Molecular Detection Inc. has announced that its Detect-Ready MRSA assay has received its first independent validation in a study conducted at St George's Healthcare NHS Trust, London, one of the UK's leading teaching hospitals. 21 Oct 2010

Global E-Health Forum 25/26 Oct Hamburg
The Global E-Health Forum will take place on October 25-26
at the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce and Asklepios Clinics. It will address the challenges of the impact of globalization and an increased burden of chronic diseases and expensive treatments. 21 Oct 2010

UK government announces £50m funding for personalised medicine
The Stratified Medicines Innovation Platform is a new government initiative providing over £50 million of funding for research and development in diagnostics and pharmaceuticals for personalised medicine. 15 Oct 2010

Anaxsys launches respiR8 continuous respiratory rate counter
Surrey-based Anaxsys Ltd has launched the first product based on its novel sensor technology, respiR8, the world’s first continuous electrochemical respiratory rate counter. 15 Oct 2010

Anaxsys secures £1m funding for respiratory sensor technology
The new investment will allow Anaxsys to accelerate the commercialization of respiR8, its first product, and further the development of a range of innovative respiratory devices. 15 Oct 2010

Bedouin gene disorder highlights power of exome gene sequencing
The study of a rare genetic disorder in a Bedouin tribe in Qatar has shown the value of exome sequencing, a new genetic analysis technique. 15 Oct 2010

Accelrys upgrades Isentris lab decision support software
Accelrys, Inc. has released version 3.3 of its Isentris data access, analysis, and decision support system for displaying manipulating, and comparing spectral, chromatographic, and XY graphical data. 15 Oct 2010

Maquet's Magnus ergonomic operating table reaches 1000 sales
More than 1,000 of Maquet's Magnus operating table systems have been placed into operation worldwide. The OLV Clinic in Aalst, Belgium took the 1,000th table in August. 15 Oct 2010

Untapped resources for UK life science company start-ups
A new report shows that there are vast, untapped opportunities to start up and develop life science companies across the UK. The report calls for public investment to be better targeted at four UK ‘hot spots’. 15 Oct 2010

Knifeless radiosurgery for Northwest England
Cancer patients in Northwest England will have access to advanced radiosurgery when the new Christie radiotherapy centre at Salford Royal Hospital opens in summer 2011. 15 Oct 2010

GATC Biotech first in Europe to use PacBio RS gene sequencer
German gene sequencing service provider GATC Biotech has announced that it has agreed to purchase the PacBio RS platform, a single molecule, real-time (SMRT) gene sequencing technology. 11 Oct 2010

Almac’s Clinical Technologies Division passes MHRA inspection
Almac has successfully passed one of the UK’s first joint routine clinical and manufacturing inspections by the UK Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency at its Craigavon, UK site. 11 Oct 2010

Friarage Hospital improves workflow for chemistry and immunoassay testing
Friarage Hospital in Yorkshire has installed the UK’s first VersaCell sample management system combining chemistry and immunoassay analysers from Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics. 11 Oct 2010

Experts discuss global health effects of climate change
World-leading experts are gathering at the Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm to discuss the health hazards associated with climate change. 11 Oct 2010

Getting the blues makes the heart stumble
Scientists at the University of Bonn have bred mice with heart muscle sensitive to blue light. This enables control of heart activity on demand, giving a new means to study arrhythmias. 11 Oct 2010

Group purchasing organisations cost US healthcare $36bn more than open market
A study commissioned by the US Medical Device Manufacturers Association (MDMA) has found that hospitals pay more for medical devices and equipment bought through group purchasing organisations (GPOs) than through the open market. 11 Oct 2010

EUCOMED's MedTEch Forum to address unprecedented challenges facing industry
The EUCOMED, the European medical technology industry association, is holding its MedTech Forum 2010 and general assembly from 12-14 October in Brussels. 6 Oct 2010

Siemens mammography software combines multiple imaging types on single workstation
The latest version of Syngo Mammo Report, the mammography workstation from Siemens, for the first time combines tomosynthesis, 3D ultrasound and 3D magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) with 2D mammography. 4 Oct 2010

Bio Nano Consulting targets US biotechnology market
Bio Nano Consulting (BNC), a joint venture of Imperial College London and University College London, has commenced a US tour meeting biotechnology and pharmaceutical leaders. 4 Oct 2010

European nanomedicine technology group to meet on 14-15 Oct
The 5th General Assembly & Annual Forum of the European Technology Platform on Nanomedicine (ETPN) will take place at Centro Congressi Fondazione Cariplo in Milan, Italy on 14 and 15 October 2010. 4 Oct 2010

Dutch research reactor adapted to produce molybdenum-99 for cancer diagnostics
The Technical University of Delft is adapting its nuclear research reactor to be used as a back-up facility for the production of the radioactive isotope molybdenum-99, when supplies run out. 4 Oct 2010

Diagram of kneeOrteq reports knee improvement with Actifit meniscal tissue repair product
Orteq Sports Medicine has reported that a two-year study has found significant pain reduction and functional improvement in patients' knees repaired with its meniscal scaffold product Actifit. 1 Oct 2010

Kinaxo and Daiichi Sankyo in cancer drug development collaboration
German biotechnology company Kinaxo Biotechnologies GmbH has signed a long-term partnership agreement with Japanese company Daiichi Sankyo Company Limited to develop cancer drugs. 1 Oct 2010

Siemens Healthcare supports Indonesian reforestation program for CO2 savings
Siemens Healthcare is combining its Proven Excellence Program for refurbishing medical devices with supporting tropical forest regeneration in Indonesia. 1 Oct 2010

St Jude gains Japanese approval for spinal cord stimulation system
St Jude Medical, Inc. (NYSE:STJ) has received Japanese approval to market its Eon Mini spinal cord stimulation (SCS) system in the country. 1 Oct 2010

Recipharm acquires Abbott's Spanish biopharmaceutical manufacturing
Swedish company Recipharm AB has acquired Abbott’s manufacturing site near Barcelona, Spain for an undisclosed sum.
The site, which will now be called Recipharm Parets SL. 1 Oct 2010

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