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UK10K project to sequence genomes of 10,000 people in UK
The Wellcome Trust has launched a multi-million pound project to decode the genomes of 10,000 people in the UK over the next three years. This will be one of the largest genome-sequencing programmes ever undertaken. 30 June 2010

Leicester University to develop virtual autopsies from CT scans
The University of Leicester has won a grant to research and develop the use of cardiac angiography using CT scans to conduct near virtual autopsies. 30 June 2010

Proton therapy company formed to establish network of treatment centres
Proton Therapy USA and CareCapital plc have formed a new company, Proton Therapy Global Management, to design, develop and manage a global network of proton therapy centres. 30 June 2010

Computerised blood pressure diagnosis beats hypertension experts
Irish Company dabl’s computerised system for diagnosing 24-hour blood pressure is more accurate and consistent than a leading group of international hypertension experts, according to an independent study. 30 June 2010

JMP Clinical software streamlines clinical trials safety reviews
New from SAS, the software can help shorten the drug development process. It lets users see and explore safety data from every angle, and then easily share findings with others. 30 June 2010

Extedo upgrades PcVmanager drug safety software
Extedo has announced the availability of PcVmanager 1.3, a major new release of the leading drug safety software management solution based on E2B and MedDRA standards. 30 June 2010

Ultra thin cling film reduces air leaks during lung keyhole surgery
Leeds-based Tissuemed have launched TissuePatchThoracic, a new version of its ultra thin adhesive film which is more resilient and more conformable to the tissues, and possesses improved handling characteristics. 30 June 2010

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Ingen launches in vitro diagnostic kit for joint replacement infections
Ingen Biosciences has launched in Europe the first in vitro diagnostic kit to detect infections in prosthetic replacements. The diagnostic kit, BJI InoPlex, is built around Ingen Biosciences’ proprietary antigen technology. 30 June 2010

Project to develop bilayer lipid membranes to evaluate effectiveness of drugs
An array of artificial cell membranes that will enable more efficient testing of potential new drugs is being developed by scientists at the University of Southampton and Birkbeck College, University of London in a £1.2m project. 29 June 2010

Simple method for creating monolayer coatings of gold nanoparticles
Researchers at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in the US have developed a new, extremely simple method for coating surfaces with a single layer of gold nanoparticles that measures only billionths of a meter thick. 29 June 2010

LCD television waste turned into antibacterial
Chemists at the University of York have discovered a way to convert a key component of LCD screens into and anti-microbial substance. 23 June 2010

Intelligent wearable sensors to monitor disease and diagnose problems
Researchers at the University of Southampton are developing intelligent medical sensors that can be worn by patients to monitor their symptoms and alert a healthcare professional if medical intervention is needed. 23 June 2010

Gut microbiology scientists gather in Aberdeen
Over 200 scientists are gathering in Aberdeen this week for a major international conference on the impact of gut bacteria on the health of humans and animals (23-25 June). 23 June 2010

Mirada Medical launches Caseaccess PET-CT image management software
The product combines the company's fusion image analysis software with online image visualisation technologies to provide remote access to PET-CT and SPECT-CT scans and reports via fast, richly featured multi-modal quantitative imaging software. 23 June 2010

Pharmimage adds members and extends research platform
Pharmimage, a French group specialized in the use of imaging to measure the efficacy of new therapies for the pharmaceutical industry, has acquired four new members and plans two major additions to its research resources. 23 June 2010

biolitec laser treatment gently removes varicose veins
With the minimally invasive ELVeS PainLess laser treatment from biolitec varicose veins are gently and painlessly removed without leaving scars. 23 June 2010

Centocor Ortho Biotech acquires lung disease portfolio in takeover of Respivert
Centocor Ortho Biotech Inc., a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson, has acquired RespiVert Ltd., a privately held drug discovery company focused on developing small-molecule, inhaled therapies for the treatment of pulmonary diseases. 23 June 2010

Genetic mutation in KRAS gene can trigger melanoma
A genetic mutation found in some malignant melanomas can initiate development of this most deadly form of skin cancer, according to a study published in the journal Cancer Research. 23 June 2010

BD Max system for molecular diagnostics launched in Europe
BD Diagnostics has launched the BD MAX Automated Molecular Diagnostic System and the BD MAX GBS Assay in Europe, the first in a planned broad menu of infectious disease assays. 23 June 2010

Cytoo technology increases sensitivity and speed in cell analysis
Rigorous quantification of cell-wide internal organization could be obtained using adhesive micropatterns and it can also decipher a protein re-distribution upon a drug treatment that was previously undetectable in conventional cell culture conditions. 23 June 2010

Simple urine test could diagnose autism
Children with autism have a different chemical fingerprint in their urine than non-autistic children. The finding could ultimately lead to a simple urine test to determine whether a child has autism. 18 June 2010

IntrinsiQ launches IntelliScribe eprescribing system for medical oncology
IntrinsiQ, provider of IntelliDose, the leading chemotherapy management software, has launched IntelliScribe, the first integrated eprescribing system for medical oncology. 18 June 2010

Life Technologies partners with German Cancer Research Centre to create genome sequencing centre
Life Technologies Corporation and the Deutsches Krebsforschungszentrum are collaborating to create the National High-Throughput Sequencing Center, the first national sequencing center in Europe dedicated to systems biology. 18 June 2010

Improved biopsy forceps for kidney cancer diagnosis
Cook Medical has introduced the BIGopsy Backloading Biopsy Forceps, a device designed to obtain large renal or ureteral tissue specimens up to 4 mm3 for cancer diagnosis. 18 June 2010

Link found between obesity, gut bacteria and genes
Researchers at the University of Maryland School of Medicine have found a link between obesity, a variant of the FTO gene and the presence of certain bacterial groups in the digestive tract. 18 June 2010

Philips launches mobile 3.0T MRI system with automatic adjustment to the patient
Philips has introduced the world’s first mobile 3.0T MRI system with MultiTransmit — automatic adjustment to the patient's size and shape. 17 June 2010

Philips launches intra-vascular interventional configuration for stroke assessment
The VasoCT is designed to visualize vessel structure beyond a clot and help physicians identify and assess the size and extent of an ischemic stroke. 17 June 2010

Surrey Clinical Research Centre achieves MHRA accreditation
The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) has awarded the Surrey Clinical Research Centre (Surrey CRC) at the University of Surrey standard accreditation for conducting clinical pharmacology Phase I trials. 17 June 2010

Euro-regional meetings in biotechnology and healthcare
The meetings will be held on 1st and 2nd July 2010 in Montpellier, France. Biomeridies and Eurobiomed in collaboration with Sud de France Export are organising these meetings for exchanging ideas, forming partnerships and meeting future partners. 17 June 2010

Elephantiasis elimination programme reaches 600m people in 2009
Lymphatic Filariasis (LF), commonly known as Elephantiasis and one of the world's leading causes of chronic illness, is on track to become one of the first parasitic diseases transmitted by a mosquito to be eliminated worldwide. 15 June 2010

European IMIDIA project to develop better tools to fight diabetes
The Innovative Medicines Initiative for Diabetes (IMIDIA), a public–private consortium funded by the Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI), has launched a project focusing on pancreatic islet cell function and survival. 15 June 2010

Ambry Genetics introduces test to identify carriers of newborn genetic disorders
Ambry Genetics has launched AmbryScreen, a genetic screening test used to identify carriers of some of the most severe and common childhood diseases affecting pan-ethnic populations. 14 June 2010

Polyplus-transfection licenses mammalian transient transfection technology to Kempbio 14 June 2010

Riester upgrades range of laryngoscopes
Riester has launched new blades and handles for its range of Laryngoscopes. ri-dispo disposable laryngoscope blades and new LED and plug-in handles make Riester Laryngoscopes much more efficient and user friendly. 14 June 2010

CEA-Leti launches study on photodynamic therapy for cancer treatment
CEA-Leti has launched the TARGET-PDT project designed to increase the effectiveness of photodynamic therapy (PDT) for treating cancer by developing a novel nano carrier-based approach.
14 June 2010

Biotage extends peptide research collaboration with University of Copenhagen
Biotage has extended a research collaboration with the University of Copenhagen to develop new applications on the Biotage Syro Wave in the field of synthetic peptide and protein chemistry. 12 June 2010

Almac and University College Cork collaborate in solid state chemistry
UCC and Almac have launched an academic/ industrial collaboration in the field of solid state chemistry to advance drug development. 12 June 2010

Analog Devices launches MEMS gyroscope for harsh environments
Analog Devices has developed the high-performance, low-power ADXRS450 iMEMS gyroscope with digital output specifically for rotational sensing in harsh environments. 12 June 2010

CardioTrace monitors cardiovascular health by measuring arterial blood flow
Advanced Global Health has launched CardioTrace, a non-invasive device that monitors the blood flow in finger arteries to identify fitness levels and abnormalities. 12 June 2010

A patient wearing two prosthetic armsOtto Bock Healthcare launches mind-controlled robotic arm
Otto Bock has announced that following a four-year research project its mind-controlled arm is now ready to leave the laboratory and be put to everyday use. 8 June 2010

Giltech and B1 Medical collaborate to develop biodegradable suture anchor
Scottish companies Giltech and B1 Medical have signed an agreement to jointly develop a pioneering suture anchor that biodegrades in a controlled fashion. 8 June 2010

Cellnovo and Home Diagnostics form alliance to advance diabetes monitoring
London-based Cellnovo and US company Home Diagnostics, Inc. have formed a strategic alliance to integrate their diabetes care technologies and develop distribution opportunities for Cellnovo’s insulin patch pumps. 8 June 2010

Intercell acquires monoclonal antibody technology from Cytos Biotechnology
Cytos' technology is based on expression cloning of monoclonal antibodies from human B-cells and enables the identification of anti-infective antibodies to prevent and treat infectious diseases. 8 June 2010

Touch Bionics upgrades i-LIMB Pulse bionic hand
The i-LIMB Pulse upgrade includes pulsing grip strength, software-enabled grip patterns and robust aluminium features for improved strength. 8 June 2010

Breakthrough tuberculosis vaccine to start clinical trials
Archivel Farma's treatment uses the company’s unique combination of its novel therapeutic vaccine called RUTI in conjunction with an antibiotic. 8 June 2010

Experia showcases sensory technology at Hospitalar
West Yorkshire based Experia exhibited the next generation in sensory equipment, which provides a calming and stimulating learning environment, at Hospitalar 2010, the largest medical trade fair in Latin America. 8 June 2010

Siemens and Olympus collaborate on magnetically guided capsule endoscope
This innovative technology is intended to allow stomach examinations to be performed easily and comfortably by having the patient simply swallow an endoscope in the form of a capsule. The patient would then lie down in a magnetic guidance system. 8 June 2010 Deutsch

Orthos licenses bone regeneration technology from Catalonia University
Bristol-based Orthos Limited, which specialises in developing technologies to help re-grow human bones, has signed an exclusive patent license agreement with the University of Catalonia in Spain. 8 June 2010

Monoclonal antibody treatment gives new hope for cure for rheumatoid arthritis
Portuguese scientists have discovered a revolutionary new approach to treating rheumatoid arthritis using monoclonal antibodies. It could also change the way we treat a range of autoimmune diseases. 3 June 2010

Evotec wins grant to take H3 receptor antagonist drug into clinical trials
Hamburg-based Evotec AG has won funding of up to €1.5 million from the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) to advance its H3 receptor antagonist drug programme into clinical trials. 3 June 2010

Almac launch XCEL array platform for biomarker discovery
Almac has launched the XCEL array, a biomarker discovery platform that enables the identification of biomarkers within multiple disease areas. 3 June 2010

ClinTec CEO shortlisted for Scottish Entrepreneur of the Year award
Dr Rabinder Buttar of ClinTec International, the Global Clinical Research Organisation, has been shortlisted by Ernst & Young for the 2010 entrepreneur of the year award. 3 June 2010

Blood test for detecting cancers five years before visible in diagnostic imaging
A ground-breaking diagnostic test that can identify biomarkers in blood for a range of cancers as much as five years earlier than current diagnostic imaging methods will be launched this month. 2 June 2010

iCAD launches new polyp detection tool for virtual colonography
iCAD, Inc. has launched a new version of its VeraLook computer-aided detection technology for CT colonography (CTC), or virtual colonoscopy. It detects and highlights potential polyps during CTC examinations. 2 June 2010

Applied BioCode gains EU approval for barcoded magnetic beads multiplex testing system. 2 June

Elekta acquires ultrasound-guided radiation therapy technology from Resonant Medical Inc
Elekta has acquired Canadian company Resonant Medical Inc. (RMI), specialists in image-guided radiation therapy for cancer treatment. 2 June 2010

GE unveils new spectral mammography technology for breast cancer diagnosis
GE Healthcare has introduced the SenoBright Contrast Enhanced Spectral Mammography (CESM) technology, to detect and diagnose breast cancer more rapidly and accurately, even in the densest part of the breast tissue. 2 June 2010

Call for EU to ensure maximum benefits are gained from nanomedicine
European nanomedicine experts have called on the European Parliament to ensure the widespread benefits offered by advances in nanomedicine are used to the best advantage. 2 June 2010

Estudio de casos de ALOKA. ‘See the unseen’ [Español]
‘Seeing the unseen’. El Prof Dr MA García Fernández habla en la European Association of Echocardiography sobre el uso que hace de ALOKA. 1 Juni 2010. Deutsch. Italiano. Francais

High content screening automation for Leica confocal microscopes
Leica Microsystems has released the the Leica HCS A, a high-content screening automation package for confocal research microscopes.
It is a flexible tool for automated imaging in multi dimensions. 1 June 2010

ActiGait implanted muscle stimulator improves walking for stroke patients
Otto Bock Healthcare has launched the ActiGait implant that aids stroke patients suffering from drop foot by electronically stimulating leg-muscles to compensate for the lack of control of the ankle joint. 1 June 2010

LynuxWorks and Portwell develop wireless body sensor platform for patient monitoring
The proof-of-concept platform can connect to more than 25 Bluetooth wireless biometric sensors and has the ability to graphically portray patient sensor data for visual monitoring in a familiar Windows environment. 1 June 2010

Siemens offers online real-time monitoring service for molecular imaging systems
The Guardian Program monitors customer systems’ performance in real time and online. When critical parameters are detected the system automatically informs the Siemens Service Centre. 1 June 2010

Proton therapy platform introduced by Varian
Varian Medical Systems has launched the fully-integrated ProBeam proton therapy system. The new system incorporates imaging, gating, robotic patient positioning, treatment planning and oncology information software to enhance treatment quality for patients and workflow efficiency for clinicians. 1 June 2010

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