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a synthetic corneaSynthetic cornea regenerates damaged eye
Artificial corneas made from laboratory grown collagen have regenerated and repaired damaged eye tissue and improved vision in patients with corneal blindness. 26 August 2010

Vivacta re-aligns management in preparation for £4 million financing round
Kent-based diagnostics technology company Vivacta Limited has announced a change and re-alignment of its executive management team as it enters an important phase of partnering and commercialisation. 26 August 2010

Aloka's auto NT test improves ultrasound detection of foetal chromosome disease
Aloka Holding Europe AG has added an automated Nuchal Translucency thickness measurement and pre-calibrated settings into its ProSound ultrasound systems. 26 August 2010

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Siemens to showcase next-generation ultrasound at BMUS 2010
Siemens Healthcare will showcase its ultrasound range, including the Acuson S2000 2.0 and Acuson X300 Premium Edition at this year’s British Medical Ultrasound Society (BMUS) Annual Scientific Meeting and Exhibition from 28-30 Sept.  26 August 2010

Viatronix releases new version of V3D-Colon software
Viatronix Incorporated has released a new version of its V3D-Colon software with the option to have colon CAD, VeraLook by iCAD. 26 August 2010

Spartan Bioscience announces first point-of-care DNA testing system for personalized medicine
The Spartan RX, a complete sample-to-result, point-of-care DNA testing system for personalized medicine. The non-invasive system provides automated results in one hour. 18 August 2010

TomTec introduces new version of 2D cardiac performance analysis software
2D Cardiac Performance Analysis is a speckle tracking based analysis tool which can analyze 2D data from various ultrasound machines. It allows a cardiologist to study the behaviour of the heart muscle quicker and easier due to improved handling. 18 August 2010

Scancell licences human antibody from Cancer Research Technology
Cancer Research Technology has licensed Nottingham University spinout Scancell Holdings to use a human antibody known as 105AD7. 18 August 2010

Cegedim Dendrite and Capgemini partner to offer services to life science companies
Capgemini will provide broad-based consulting and implementation services associated with Cegedim Dendrite’s AggregateSpend360 and Nucleus 360 solutions to pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device companies. 18 August 2010

Cytori’s PureGraft receives EU approval for fat grafting procedures
Cytori Therapeutics has received the CE Mark for the PureGraft 250/PURE System for autologous fat grafting procedures. It is aimed at the cosmetic and reconstructive surgery market. 18 August 2010

Akonni Biosystems’ ultra-rapid nucleic acid extraction technology gains US patent
The patent protects the company’s use of its pioneering nucleic acid binding matrix when inserted into a pipette tip, tubing or cartridge for nucleic acid purification. 18 August 2010

Seracare develops new control products for molecular diagnostic tests for STDs
SeraCare Life Sciences, Inc. has developed a new series of controls in its Accurun portfolio to monitor and validate molecular diagnostic test performance for detection of Chlamydia trachomatis and Neisseria gonorrhoeae. 18 August 2010

A crack in the interface layer of the coated implantWhy nanocorrosion causes coated implants to fail
Researchers at the Swiss organisation Empa have found that the coatings on implants fail due to corrosion in the reaction layer under the coating and have developed methods to make the layer corrosion-resistant. 17 August 2010

Epson partners with Philips to offer printing systems for ultrasound imaging worldwide
Epson America and Royal Philips Electronics have entered into an agreement to supply Epson ink jet printers with Philips ultrasound medical imaging systems around the world. 17 August 2010

Ethianum clinic built with sustainable and environmentally friendly systems
The newly opened Ethianum clinic in Heidelberg is one of the first clinics in Germany to implement sustainability criteria across the organisation. The clinic was developed in partnership with Siemens using its Green+ Hospital Program. 17 August 2010

Philips invests in Dutch healthcare technology venture capital fund
Philips is joining Gilde Healthcare III, a new venture capital fund focusing on innovative early and growth stage healthcare technology companies in Europe and the USA. The areas to be targeted are new patient-centric healthcare solutions, medical technologies and therapeutics. 17 August 2010

Tissue Studio 2.0 supports tumour profiling, multiplexing and biomarker translational research
The new version includes a full range of functionality for the analysis of immunofluorescence tissue stains and more accurate nucleus detection. 13 August 2010

Ion Torrent licences DNA Electronics technology
DNA Electronics Ltd has signed a worldwide licence agreement giving Ion Torrent access to its intellectual property. DNA Electronics has developed scalable semiconductor solutions for real-time nucleic acid detection. 13 August 2010

iSOFT partners i-Path to add digital pathology to laboratory system
iSOFT is adding i-Path’s web-based platform as a module to its existing laboratory product suite. The aim is to deliver the solution under a software-as-a-service model. 13 August 2010

Almac launches biomarkers for biopharma
Biomarkers enables biopharma companies to better understand their drug, improve their drug’s success rate, improve the drug’s value and ultimately maximise their drug’s potential. 13 August 2010

TRaC accredited for IEC/EN60601 medical device testing
TRaC is now able to offer a cost-effective route to product certification. Approval under the standard is a fundamental requirement before a manufacturer can market any electrical device for patient diagnostics, monitoring or care. 13 August 2010

Kinked nanopores enable easier DNA sequencing
A new technique that slows down the passage of DNA through nanopores fivefold by manufacturing them with a kink will enable better DNA sequencing. 13 August 2010

Leica slide scanners win European scanner contest
Leica Microsystems' slide scanners Leica SCN400 and Autoloader Leica SL801 have come first in two categories of the first European Scanner Contest (ESC). 12 August 2010

NDSsi launches ConnectOR G2 platform for integrating surgical imaging
ConnectOR G2 offers the unique ability to connect PACS imaging, surgical video and medical informatics. 12 August 2010

Natural orifice surgery removes cancerous prostate through penis
Urologists at Mayo Clinic in Arizona have developed a new surgical procedure for the treatment of prostate cancer through the urethra, so that there is no incision on the body. [Includes video] 12 August 2010

Cytori gains EU approval for stem-cell-based tissue reconstruction after breast cancer
Cytori Therapeutics has received expanded European approval (CE Mark) for its Celution System, a medical device that extracts and separates stem and regenerative cells from a patient’s own fat tissue, and applications for soft tissue repair. 12 August 2010

MabCure's blood test for ovarian cancer gets positive results
A confirmatory study has demonstrated the company’s proprietary monoclonal antibodies (MAbs) successfully identified ovarian cancer in blood (94% accuracy) and with no false positives or cross-reactions with benign ovarian tumours or healthy blood. 12 August 2010

Golden Helix upgrades high-performance genetic data analysis software
Golden Helix's SNP & Variation Suite (SVS) 7 software is an integrated collection of high-performance analytic tools for rich, multi-dimensional approaches to uncovering genetic causes of disease and other phenotypes. 12 August 2010

Gold Standard Diagnostics introduces ThunderBolt automated diagnostics platform
The ThunderBolt platform will provide laboratory customers with a single hardware solution that can utilize multiple diagnostics technologies such as EIA, chemiluminescence and multiplexing. 12 August 2010

Patton Surgical launches laparoscopic access instrument for da Vinci surgical system
Patton Surgical Corporation, has launched worldwide the Robotic 8.5mm Endoscope PassPort, designed to be used with the da Vinci Surgical System. 12 August 2010

Illumina launches compact real-time PCR system
Illumina, Inc. has launched the Eco Real-Time PCR System that offers high performance at the breakthrough price of $13,900. 12 August 2010

Ultra low temperature freezer for biobanks with backup cooling system
Italian company Desmon S.p.A has launched a range of ultra-low temperature freezers specially developed for biological banks.
The models are equipped with two completely independent refrigerating units. 11 August 2010

An MRI brain scanBrain scan detects autism in 15 minutes
A new technique can identify autism from MRI scans of the brain in just 15 minutes. Tested so far only in adults, it can identify autism with over 90% accuracy. 11 August 2010

Portable ultrasound system provides vital obstetric scanning support in Southern Sudan
The Martha Primary Healthcare Centre in southern Sudan has been given a Siemens Acuson P10 handheld ultrasound system by UK charity The Brickworks to perform obstetric scanning. 11 August 2010

PharmaVigilant enhances clinical trial management system
PharmaVigilant has launched I-Vault 2.5, the enhanced version of its electronic Trial Master File (TMF) system. It improves usability, administration and notification capabilities for seamless site startup, site closeout and IRB submissions. 11 August 2010

Clontech Laboratories and TET Systems extend gene expression systems license agreement
Under the expanded license agreement, Clontech obtains rights to develop, manufacture and commercialize novel Tet Systems products such as the Tet-On 3G Inducible Expression System. 11 August 2010

Remote monitoring and control system for laboratory fridges
Italian company Smartfreeze S.r.l has developed an innovative system of remote monitoring and control of professional refrigerators. 11 August 2010

Pharmaceutical Development Services and Schiff & Company form alliance
PDS will be providing Regulatory and Quality Services to Schiff & Company clients in Europe while Schiff & Company will be targeting US based companies looking for local assistance in Europe. 11 August 2010

Siemens wins 15-year €132m medical imaging contract in Spain
Siemens will provide the Cartagena and Mar Menor hospitals with more than 100 imaging systems, including computed tomography scanners, mammography systems, and ultrasound systems. 11 August 2010

AMD appoints BK Medical as agent for prostate HistoScanning in UK
HistoScanning is a proprietary tissue characterization technology used to differentiate, characterize, and visualize solid organ tissue types based on the analysis of backscattered ultrasound. 10 August 2010

Orthovita’s surgical collagen facility gains FDA approval
Orthovita will use the new facility to process the highly purified form of collagen used in its Vitagel Surgical Hemostat product. 10 August 2010

Illumina launches TruSeq SBS sequencing kit for genome analyzer
The kit is the first in a new series that will advance data quality, ease of use and economical sequencing on the company’s sequencing platforms. 10 August 2010

Fractal design gives more efficient body-worn antennas
Fractal Antenna Systems, Inc. has developed a new approach to body worn antennas that allows smaller antennas that are wideband, to stick onto clothing using Velcro or other attachments. 10 August 2010

Philips acquires Israeli PACS supplier CDP Medical
Philips has agreed to acquire the business of CDP Medical Ltd, an Israel-based provider of picture archiving and communication systems (PACS), and a subsidiary of medical device distributor Medtechnica Ltd. 2 August 2010.

Philips acquires Chinese ultrasound transducer producer Shanghai Apex Electronics Technology
The acquisition strengthens Philips’ portfolio of high quality transducers specifically aimed at the value segment in emerging markets. 2 August 2010

Varian and Brainlab Combine TrueBeam STx with the Novalis Radiosurgery Program
Varian Medical Systems and Brainlab are expanding their radiosurgery partnership to incorporate their Novalis technology and other Novalis radiosurgery program elements into the recently launched TrueBeam STx system. 2 August 2010

Aloka e-flow technology improves accuracy of coronary heart diseases diagnosis
The Universidad Complutense de Madrid is using Aloka’s e-tracking technology to advance the early detection of cardiovascular events.
The system is used to easily measure predominant parameters on arterial vessels. 2 August 2010

Chromocyte launches online resource for flow cytometry researchers
It helps scientists design complex multi-parameter flow cytometry experiments and also identify and recommend a source for the reagents that are required for flow cytometry and other antibody-related experiments. 2 August 2010

CIT offers dried blood spot (DBS) technique for bioanalytical services
CIT expects the new service to bring ethical, scientific and cost benefits for clients conducting toxicology, pharmacology and pharmacokinetics studies. 2 August 2010

Cambridge Crystallographic Data Centre and InhibOx partner to offer drug development services
The combined service offers pharmaceutical, biotech and governmental research organizations access to new capabilities to accelerate drug discovery and improve productivity. 2 Aug 2010

Implanted sensor continuously transmits blood glucose levels for insulin control
A glucose sensor implanted under the skin that transmits glucose measurements continuously to an external device has been successfully tested for over 500 days, but only in a pig so far. 2 August 2010

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