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OmniVision starts mass production of ultra-compact sensor for endoscopy
OmniVision Technologies has announced the initiation of mass production of its ultra-compact, high-performance digital imaging system, the OV6930. 23 Nov 2010

Panasonic unveils CardioHealth Station in Europe
Panasonic has unveiled in Europe its new device designed to assist medical professionals in making a quick assessment of cardiovascular health, the CardioHealth Station. 23 Nov 2010

PEM scanners may reduce unnecessary breast biopsies
A study has found that PEM was significantly more precise at identifying benign and cancerous lesions, reducing the number of unnecessary biopsies. 23 Nov 2010

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Parascript launches AccuDetect 4.0 for mammography screening
It has significant performance improvements and a greater potential for lowering false-positive rates when detecting suspicious lesions on mammograms, compared to the previous version. 23 Nov 2010

iFuse implant system for treating sacroiliac joint receives CE Mark
The iFuse Implant System is a minimally invasive surgical (MIS) system comprised of titanium implants coated with a porous plasma spray that acts as an interference surface fit, which helps decrease implant motion.  23 Nov 2010

Siemens unveils first whole-body MR-PET system with simultaneous data acquisition
Siemens Healthcare will unveil at the end of this month the Biograph mMR, the world's first integrated whole-body molecular magnetic resonance (MR) imaging system with simultaneous PET and MR data acquisition technology. 23 Nov 2010

Ziehm and Medtronic present interface for image-guided 3D surgical navigation
The Ziehm Vision FD Vario 3D C-arm X-ray system now connects to Medtronic's StealthStation surgical navigation system over the Ziehm NaviPort interface to deliver distortion-free 3D images during an operation. 23 Nov 2010

Abbott joins Clinton Health Initiative to improve HIV testing in Africa
Abbott will supply its RealTime HIV-1 qualitative test kits to healthcare facilities and also offer the capability to collect and process samples using dried blood spots. 23 Nov 2010

Solar powered blood pressure device is reliable tool for developing countries
A new solar-powered device to measure blood pressure can provide affordable and reliable blood pressure testing in low income countries according to a field study. 23 Nov 2010

Many cardiovascular deaths in Europe could be prevented with better care
Results from a large pan-European study indicate that many of the 4.3 million annual deaths in Europe could be avoided if at-risk patients received better preventative care. 23 Nov 2010

Diabetes treatment costs China US$25bn per year
Early Data from a study by the Chinese Diabetes Society of the Chinese Medical Association and the International Diabetes Federation shows 13% of China’s medical expenditure is directly caused by diabetes. 23 Nov

Ultrasound can replace CT and MRI for neurosurgical navigation
Following extensive studies Aloka is promoting the potential for ultrasound to be used in conjunction with, or as a replacement for, CT/MRI as a neuro-navigational tool in certain operations. 23 Nov 2010

Philips announces new COPD alliance and medical innovations at Medica 2010
Philips new alliance is expected to result in better treatment access for patients. It is also displaying innovations for operating rooms, healing lighting, patient monitoring and cardiac ultrasound. 17 Nov 2010

GE Healthcare integrates facility management software with AeroScout's Wi-Fi RFID system
The combined solution adds real-time asset location information to GE's Maintenance and Facility Management software and helps streamline key business processes. 17 Nov 2010

Sustainability is key theme for Siemens at Medica 2010
At this year's trade fair in Düsseldorf the company will be presenting solutions that enable hospitals to achieve both their economic and their environmental goals while at the same time increasing the quality of patient care. 17 Nov 2010

Discovery of new immune response gives hope for new meningitis vaccine
The discovery of a previously unknown immune response by scientists at the Universities of Leicester and Dublin has given a much needed breakthrough in the fight against pneumonia, meningitis and septicaemia. 12 Nov 2010

Type 2 diabetes linked to limit in expansion of fat cells
Scientists at Cambridge University have found that the fat cells and tissues of morbidly obese people and animals can reach a limit in their ability to store fat appropriately. 12 Nov 2010

German medtech sector sales grow 5.5% in 2010
A survey by BVMed has found that the German medical technology sector has shown good performance in 2010, with an increase in sales of 5.5% and are strong in innovation and growth, creating new jobs. 12 Nov 2010

Bio Nano Consulting completes transition to self-funding organisation
Bio Nano Consulting (BNC), specialists in bio and nanotechnology  partnerships between the academic and industrial sectors, has completed its publicly funded phase of corporate development. 12 Nov 2010

DNA Electronics granted patents for semiconductor-based nucleotide detection
Imperial College offshoot DNA Electronics Ltd has been awarded three key patents in the United States, China and Europe for semiconductor-based nucleotide detection. 12 Nov 2010

Linde Healthcare launches new funding for innovative gas-based therapies
German company Linde Healthcare has launched the Linde Healthcare REALfund to support and stimulate novel and innovative ideas, research and projects relating to the use of gases healthcare. 12 Nov 2010

Institute Gustave-Roussy begins treating patients with advanced brachytherapy
The Institute Gustave-Roussy (IGR) in Paris is offering cancer patients advanced brachytherapy after installing Varian Medical System's GammaMed PDR afterloaders. 12 Nov 2010

Birmingham University and Abingdon Health launch diagnostics joint venture
The University of Birmingham and medical diagnostics specialists, Abingdon Health Ltd have launched Bioscience Ventures Limited to develop and market new diagnostics products for the healthcare and other industries. 12 Nov 2010

Plasticell to collaborate with UCB to develop small-molecule drugs
UCB will supply Plasticell with drug compound libraries with known biological targets. Plasticell will screen these using its CombiCult technology to discover new cell signalling pathways. 12 Nov 2010

Siemens Healthcare wins UK Excellence Award
The British Quality Foundation (BQF) has awarded Siemens Healthcare the UK Excellence Award 2010 in recognition of outstanding  management practice and business success. 12 Nov 2010

Innovative hospital bed combines ergonomics and infection control
An advanced acute hospital bed, that combines practicality, infection control and advanced ergonomics is being showcased at MEDICA 2010 by Halifax company Sidhil. 12 Nov 2010

Lighthouse Imaging announces new endoscope system illumination tester
Lighthouse Imaging Corporation has announced a new instrument that enables hospital clinical engineering staff to quickly troubleshoot endoscope system illumination and identify the true source of a problem. 11 Nov 2010

Harvard Healthcare launches single-use hip arthroscopy instruments
Harvard Healthcare will be unveiling their first single-use hip arthroscopy access system at MEDICA 2010, together with a unique range of handheld disposable arthroscopic / endoscopic instruments. 11 Nov 2010

Anetic Aid to highlight the concept and benefits of day surgery at MEDICA
UK manufacturer Anetic Aid Ltd will demonstrate the benefits of day surgery at MEDICA 2010, an approach to treatment which has transformed working practices in the UK’s NHS. 11 Nov 2010

Wardray Premise to exhibit MR and X-ray trolleys at MEDICA
Surrey-based manufacturer of shielding equipment for medical imaging departments, Wardray Premise, will be exhibiting its range of imaging trolleys at MEDICA 2010. 11 Nov 2010

High quality diagnostic testing and manufacturing showcased at MEDICA
Contract manufacture services for lateral flow assays will be showcased at MEDICA this month by York-based  company Forsite Diagnostics. 11 Nov 2010

Keeping a cool head during chemotherapy reduces hair loss
Huddersfield company Paxman Ltd is exhibiting its next-generation hair-loss prevention systems, Orbis I & II,  at MEDICA in Dusseldorf this month. 11 Nov 2010

Boston Scientific to sell neurovascular business to Stryker for US$1.5bn
The business employs approximately 1,150 people and reported 2009 revenues of US$348 million. 9 Nov 2010

Surgical Innovations' resposable instrumentation reduces cost of laparoscopic surgery
Leeds-based Surgical Innovations is raising the profile of its pioneering resposable instrumentation for laparoscopic surgery at MEDICA 2010 this month. 9 Nov 2010

Tissuemed surgical film improves brain surgery outcomes
A study carried out by neurosurgeons at the University of Padova has found that a surgical film developed by Leeds based Tissuemed prevented cerebrospinal fluid leakage following brain surgery. 9 Nov 2010

Second artificial heart patient fitted with portable heart driver
A 45-year-old man has become only the second patient in the US to be discharged from hospital fitted with the Freedom portable driver to power his SynCardia temporary Total Artificial Heart. 9 Nov 2010

Venn Life Sciences expands into France with acquisition of DCI
DCI offers clinical trial management services for Phase I-IV and contract placement solutions for clinical research projects. DCI brings extensive knowledge of the French clinical trial industry. 9 Nov 2010

Breakthrough in digital pathology from GE and UPMC
The new system digitizes biopsy slides and the corresponding workflow, uniting an entire pathology department and improving collaboration, communication and efficiency. 9 Nov 2010

Chemical Computing releases new version of PSILO protein structure database 
Chemical Computing Group (CCG) has released version 2010.09 of PSILO, a protein structure database system that allows for an integrated repository of proprietary and non-proprietary structural data. 9 Nov 2010

IBA introduces compact proton cancer therapy system
This single-room system offers a smaller cyclotron, a shorter proton-beam route from the cyclotron to the treatment room, and a more compact gantry. 9 Nov 2010

Dyadem opens office in Germany
Enterprise risk management system supplier Dyadem has opened a second office in Europe, located in Starnberg, Germany, on the outskirts of Munich. 9 Nov 2010

Life Technologies launches SOLiD 5500 next-generation gene sequencer
The 5500xl SOLiD Sequencer, developed with Hitachi High-Technologies, is designed to deliver fast and accurate genomic data for cancer biology and genetic disease research. 9 Nov 2010

Medtronic gains FDA approval for stent delivery system for TAA repair
Medtronic has received approval for its Talent Thoracic Stent Graft with Captivia Delivery System, which features a tip capture mechanism for controlled deployment and precise placement of the implantable medical device. 9 Nov 2010

Calypso's Dynamic Edge Gating Technology reduces side effects of radiation therapy
Dynamic Edge Gating Technology allows radiation therapists to set motion thresholds which disable radiation delivery if the targeted tissue moves outside the preset threshold. 9 Nov 2010

Magnetically guided video capsule for stomach examination
Siemens Healthcare and Olympus Medical Systems have developed a magnetically guided capsule endoscope (MGCE) system that enables examination of the stomach more comfortably than using traditional systems. 4 Nov 2010

Philips and Electron install first Russian-made CT scanner
Philips and Russian medical equipment manufacturer Electron have completed Russia’s first installation and clinical validation of a domestically made computed tomography (CT) scanner at the Hospital of War Veterans in St Petersburg. 4 Nov 2010

BMJ raises concerns about FDA post-approval surveillance of medical devices
A British Medical Journal (BMJ) investigation published today raises concerns about the ability of the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to monitor the ongoing safety of medical devices through post-approval surveillance. 3 Nov 2010

image of brain nerve structureSoftware to convert MRI scans of brain into three-dimensional maps of nerves
A team of researchers at the Eindhoven University of Technology has developed a software tool that converts MRI scans of the brain into three-dimensional coloured images of nerve structure. making this visible for the first time without having to operate (includes video). 3 Nov 2010

Nordson completes acquisition of Micromedics
Nordson Corporation has completed the acquisition of St Paul, Minnesota-based Micromedics Inc., a producer of dispensing biomaterials for controlling bleeding, healing wounds and other related medical procedures.  3 Nov 2010

IBA to install proton therapy centre in Tennessee
Belgian company IBA has been awarded a contract by ProVision Trust and The Proton Therapy Center, LLC (TPTC) to install a proton therapy facility in Knoxville, Tennessee. The contract is worth US$70-80 million over 10 years. 3 Nov 2010

NuGEN enables next-generation sequencing of DNA and RNA from FFPE samples
NuGEN Technologies is making available the first commercial products using next-generation sequencing (NGS) technologies to analyze nucleic acids extracted from Formalin-Fixed Paraffin-Embedded (FFPE) tissues. 3 Nov 2010

NanoString system detects hundreds of genetic copy variants in single multiplexed reaction
NanoString Technologies Inc has launched a novel solution for detecting genetic copy number variations (CNVs) associated with disease susceptibility, drug response and cancer progression. 3 Nov 2010

Phytoceuticals plant-based wound dressing gains CE Mark
Phytoceuticals has received the CE mark for its novel primary wound dressing, called "1", which is formulated from a proprietary combination of two plant-derived oils, Neem oil and St. John's Wort oil. 3 Nov 2010

Unnecessary referrals for glaucoma could be avoided by use of 'gold standard' device
The use of a 'gold standard' device by community optometrists when measuring internal eye pressure can cut needless referrals for suspected glaucoma, indicates preliminary research published online in the British Journal of Ophthalmology. 2 Nov 2010

GE Healthcare to acquire Orbotech's nuclear medicine technology
GE Healthcare is to acquire Orbotech's subsidiary Orbotech Medical Solutions Ltd, a manufacturer of solid state gamma radiation detectors made of cadmium zinc telluride (CZT) for medical imaging. 2 Nov 2010

GE Healthcare takes over molecular diagnostics company Clarient
Clarient is a supplier of oncology testing and diagnostic services and developer of companion diagnostic markers for a range of cancers. 2 Nov 2010

Report: Nanobiotechnology
Nanobiotechnology, an integration of physical sciences, molecular engineering, biology, chemistry and biotechnology holds considerable promise of advances in pharmaceuticals and healthcare. The report starts with an introduction to various techniques and materials that are relevant to nanobiotechnology. Application in life sciences research, particularly at the cell level sets the stage for role of nanobiotechnology in healthcare in subsequent chapters. more ...
2 Nov 2010

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