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Computer program solves problem of measuring blood flow to brain in real time
Researchers at Lund University in Sweden have developed a program that retrieves and correlates relevant data from patients, making it possible for the first time to measure blood flow in the brain directly and continuously. 26 March 2010

Medtronic pacemaker system for use in MRI scanners available in Europe
Medtronic, Inc. has announced the commercial availability of the Advisa DR MRI SureScan pacemaker in selected European geographies. It gives patients access to full body MRI scans, without positioning limitations. 26 March 2010

Future-proofing healthcare innovation in Yorkshire
Healthcare industrialists, clinicians and academics identified future challenges and opportunities for the industry and highlighted the need for high-level innovation at a workshop in Leeds earlier this month run by the newly formed Yorkshire Health Innovation Network. 26 March 2010

Aging of human stem cells reversed
A team of academic and industry researchers from Canada and the US have demonstrated the successful reversal of the developmental aging of normal human cells. 26 March 2010

City University London MSc addresses global need for clinical engineers
City University London is introducing a new Masters course in September to address the growing, global need for trained professionals who can manage the advanced medical technologies needed in healthcare. 26 March 2010

UK musculoskeletal research boosted with introduction of 3 Tesla MRI
Scientists at the Leeds Musculoskeletal Biomedical Research Unit have recently welcomed the installation of a Magnetom Verio from Siemens Healthcare. 26 March 2010

Genetic engineering could turn the mosquito from an infector to a vaccinator
Japanese researchers have shown that a transgenic mosquito can induce an immune response from a bite. It could provide a new strategy for biological control over the disease. 26 March 2010

First UK conference on hyperspectral imaging
Strathclyde University is holding the UK's first Hyperspectral Imaging Conference at the Institute for Advanced Studies on Tuesday 13th and Wednesday 14th April 2010. 26 March 2010

New support programme for Alzheimer's disease sufferers in Europe
A new support programme for patients and carers, called Memory Problems? was launched at the Alzheimer’s Disease International (ADI) Conference this month. 26 March 2010

Philips and ACC showcase minimally invasive cardiology interventions
Royal Philips Electronics in partnership with the American College of Cardiology (ACC) have highlighted the growing need for minimally-invasive interventions to address a spectrum of cardiac conditions, such as structural and degenerative heart issues. 26 March 2010

Evotec signs agreement with Active Biotech for high throughput molecular screening 
Evotec AG has entered into a collaboration with Active Biotech AB to identify small molecule modulators of a priority biological target, selected by Active Biotech, involved in immune disorders and cancer. 26 March 2010

Analog Devices introduces digital to analog converter for high quality MRI images
Analog Devices has introduced a breakthrough in data conversion that gives clinicians and radiologists the superior image clarity they need to see smaller anatomical structures and abnormalities, such as breast cancer cells. 26 March 2010

Entry open for European Biotechnica Award 2010
Upcoming European companies from the biotechnology sector and the life sciences have until 30 April 2010 to submit entries for the European Biotechnica Award. 26 March 2010

Obesity overtakes malnutrition as international health problem
For the first time in history the number of people worldwide suffering from obesity now exceeds the number suffering from hunger. This was the focus of a seminar at the University of Reading. 26 March 2010

£10m new funding to promote drug development in UK
The UK Bioprocessing Research Industry Club (BRIC) is offering £10m for research to find ways of delivering new medicines from biological materials more quickly and effectively. 26 March 2010

Nanotechnology group welcomes UK government strategy
The Secretariat of the UK Nanotechnology Mini-Innovation and Growth Team (Mini-IGT) has welcomed the publication of the UK Nanotechnologies Strategy: Small Technologies, Great Opportunities [1]. 25 March 2010

New device to improve safety and accuracy of blood collection from fragile veins
BD Diagnostics has launched the BD Microtainer MAP Microtube designed to improve the safety, accuracy and turnaround time of capillary blood collection and testing in patients with veins that can be difficult to access. 25 March 2010

The best of UK medical technology innovation honoured
Some of the UK's most pioneering technology companies were recognised this month at the Medilink UK Awards 2010, an annual event that celebrates cutting-edge technologies, outstanding business achievements and international success across the UK’s medical technology sector. 25 March 2010

Leica Microsystems acquires Genetix to strengthen life science imaging portfolio
Leica Microsystems has acquired UK company Genetix Ltd, a provider of systems for imaging and image analysis for clinical research. 25 March 2010

FASILIS project invites innovative medical technology businesses to participate
The European FASILIS project is inviting SMEs or start-ups develloping telecare technology to apply for financial vouchers that will give them access to top quality international research and development facilities and their services across Europe. 25 March 2010

Canon develops wireless cassette-sized digital radiology system
Canon UK has announced the development of the company’s first wireless, cassette-size digital radiography (DR) system: the CXDI-70C Wireless. 25 March 2010

Cresset establishes new division to provide computation chemistry tools
Cresset has launched Versaphor, a new desktop applications division aimed at supplying high quality computational tools based on its molecular fields technology to a range of markets, including: medicinal chemists. 25 March 2010

World's first windpipe transplant and regeneration in a child
British and Italian doctors have achieved a world first in transplanting a donated "stripped down" trachea into a boy and using his own stem cells to rebuild the cellular structure in his body. 19 March 2010

Women and men suffer different diseases when travelling
For the first time, a connection has been made between gender and sickness while travelling, in a study analysing data on nearly 60,000 patients over 10 years. 16 March 2010 Deutsch

die Bienenwolf-LarveBienenwolf schützt sich mit Antibiotika.
Grabwespen der Gattung Philanthus, die so genannten Bienenwölfe, beherbergen nützliche Bakterien auf ihrem Kokon, die einen Schutz gegen schädliche Mikroorganismen garantieren. 16 März 2010. Translate the article with Google translate (copy and paste text). English summary: Beewolves protected by antibiotics: Beewolves are solitary wasps that prey on bees. They have beneficial bacteria in their cocoon that give protection against harmful microorganisms. 16 March 2010

Siemens launches low-cost editions of 16 and 64-slice CT scanners
With its favourable price/performance ratio, the new Excel Editions scanner family makes it easier for hospitals and medical practices to acquire computed tomography systems. 16 March 2010

MedilinkWM extends business service to assisted-living market
The service, myM-Link, delivers access to business opportunities and information services to its members, and a host of tangible benefits that are tailored and dedicated to businesses operating in the UKs assisted living market. 16 March 2010

Ultrasonic flow meter for small-bore flow metering
Dorset-based Titan Enterprises has developed a low-cost, accurate flow meter using patented technology that makes it ideal for hygienic applications. 16 March 2010

European medical technology business to be discussed at IN3 Europe April 29-30, 2010
Elsevier Business Intelligence will host IN3 Europe, a strategic partnership and investment meeting, on April 29-30, 2010 in Paris. This annual conference follows 'Medical Device Investor Day' on 28 Apri. 16 March 2010

RepRegen bioactive glass promotes hard tissue repair
RepRegen, the biomaterials developer previously known as BioCeramic Therapeutics, has announced that data from an in vitro study has demonstrated that its patented Strontium-based bioactive glass platform promotes osteoblast cell activity and proliferation. 16 March 2010

Bruker introduces novel Fourier 300 NMR spectrometer
Bruker BioSpin has launched the Fourier 300, an easy-to-use 300 MHz high-resolution spectrometer with a price tag that brings Fourier transform (FT) nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectroscopy within every chemist’s reach. 12 March 2010

iBio licences plant-based system for rapid vaccine production to G-Con
iBio, to license its iBioLaunch platform to G-Con, LLC, a private Texas company, and its affiliates, for the development and manufacture of plant-expressed influenza vaccines at a new facility being constructed in Bryan, Texas. 12 March 2010

Avo Photonics systems available in Europe
Avo Photonics and German company AMS Technologies have entered into a distribution agreement that entitles AMS Technologies to represent Avo’s capabilities to the European market. 12 March 2010

The Ambulight PDT patchAmbicare launches light-emitting plaster for skin cancer treatment
Scottish company Ambicare Health has launched the Ambulight PDT, a light-emitting skin plaster for the treatment of non-melanoma skin cancer using 'photodynamic therapy' (PDT). 12 March 2010

Fluorescent nanoparticles highlight cancerous tissue on operating table
Cell-penetrating molecules carrying fluorescent and magnetic tags that stick to and light up tumors help surgeons see more of the tumour tissue on the operating table and make it visible to MRI scans. 9 Mar 2010

Proton beam imaging for cancer diagnostics moves a step closer
Using a proton beam scan to image a patient prior to treatment would give more accurate density maps and the proton beam would stop more precisely on the tumor. 9 Mar 2010

US HIFU to fund investigation of focal therapy for prostate cancer in UK
The study, which will evaluate quality of life outcomes and safety of focal therapy in the treatment of localized prostate cancer will involve four centers initially and may expand to as many as 10 centres in the UK. 9 Mar 2010

World MRSA Day 2010 launches 'a call to action'
The MRSA Survivors Network has chosen the theme for World MRSA Day 2010 to be "The MRSA Epidemic — A Call to Action". The day is on 2 October 2010. 9 Mar 2010

Alliance Biosciences provides HIV and TB biosafety guidance to Kenyan orphanage
Alliance Biosciences has reached an agreement with the Nyumbani Children's Home in Kenya to provide engineering and biosafety guidance to Nyumbani's planned HIV/TB diagnostic facility. 9 March 2010

Health 2.0 conference in Europe for first time
Health 2.0 Europe, a conference dedicated to how Web 2.0 technology and social media are transforming healthcare systems in Europe, will be held in Paris on 6-7 April 2010. 9 March 2010

Philips launches new PET/CT scanner and DoseAware radiation monitoring system for radiology staff
Philips' GEMINI LXL scanner offers many of the features available on premium systems. DoseAware offer real time monitoring and display of radiology staff radiation exposure. 9 Mar 2010

WuXi PharmaTech's Shanghai analytical testing facilities gain GMP certification
The company has received European GMP compliance certification for its c-GMP drug product manufacturing and analytical testing facilities. 9 Mar 2010

Diagnostic Hybrids receives FDA emergency use authorization for H1N1 influenza A virus ID kit
The kit is a monoclonal antibody fluorescent staining kit for the specific identification of 2009 H1N1 influenza A in direct patient specimens or incubated tissue cultures. 9 Mar 2010

MedilinkUK and MEDEC partner with UTEK to increase licensing and partnering opportunities
Through this partnership, hundreds of new companies can take advantage of UTEK's growing network of registered companies and industry professionals, all looking to identify licensing and partnering opportunities worldwide. 9 Mar 2010

Hepatitis B and C serious public health issue in US
A report by the US Institute of Medicine (IOM) says that 3.5 to 5.3 million people have chronic hepatitis B or C virus infections despite prevention efforts by federal, state and local government agencies. 9 Mar 2010

Mammography gives no added value in breast cancer screening
A multicentre study of breast cancer screening has concluded that mammography is unnecessary in women undergoing MRI and current guidelines should be revised to reflect this. 9 Mar 2010

World's focus on too few diseases increasing child mortality and tuberculosis
Problems controlling common diseases like HIV, heart disease and diabetes in poor countries could be hindering efforts to meet the world’s key child health and tuberculosis goals, a new study has warned. 9 Mar 2010

Breakthrough in real time tracking of prostate motion during arc radiotherapy
US and Danish researchers have devised a method for ‘real-time’ tracking of the prostate motion that shows promise in paving the way for advanced clinical treatments. 9 Mar 2010

ResMed launches CPAP sleep apnoea therapy platform in Europe
The new S9 Series is expected to help more sleep apnoea patients adhere to the treatment, but also help sleep professionals make more informed decisions. 9 Mar 2010

Teleradiology service completes 10,000 audits
Teleradiology specialist 4 Ways Healthcare has completed 10,000 audits of its remote radiology service in the UK, assuring the quality of its advanced medical imaging and diagnostic interpretation service. 9 Mar 2010

Award for Otto Bock's electronically controlled knee joint
The newly launched orthosis is the first electronically controlled knee-joint system that provides a far greater level of mobility, reliability and safety than a conventional orthosis. 9 Mar 2010

Welch Allyn launch 2010 Clinical Engineering Team of the Year Award
The Award recognises the valuable contribution clinical engineers make to the healthcare industry. Closing date for entry is 7th May 2010. 5 Mar 2010

Siemens supplies radiography CAD application via Internet
Siemens Healthcare is introducing a Software as a Service (SaaS) model for digital radiography that enables customers to receive computer-aided detection (CAD) results via remote processing. 5 Mar 2010

Sigma-Aldrich focuses on biology with launch of life science brand platform
Sigma-Aldrich has unveiled its new Sigma Life Science brand and website platform, designed to elevate the Company's current focus on biology and provide a single destination where researchers can access deep biological knowledge and market-leading products and technologies. 5 Mar 2010

Sebia launches Capillarys 2 Flex Piercing for diagnostics labs
Sebia has unveiled the latest addition to its automated capillary electrophoresis portfolio, the innovative Capillarys 2 Flex Piercing for clinical diagnostic laboratories. 5 Mar 2010

InVitria optimizes hybridoma cell culture with Zap-Hybridoma
Zap-Hybridoma was created to improve monoclonal antibody productivity and deliver easier purification of the target product. 5 Mar 2010

Evotec extends research agreement with Cubist Pharmaceuticals
Under the contract extension, Evotec will provide additional fragment-based drug discovery expertise using its proprietary platform, EVOlution. 5 Mar 2010

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