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Prostate cancer seed cells discovered
New treatments for prostate cancer could result from the discovery that basal cells found in benign prostate tissue can turn into cancer cells. 30 July 2010

prostate cancer cells after the treatmentLaser blasted carbon nanoparticles open cell walls for drug delivery
Carbon nanoparticles blasted by bursts of laser light can open holes in cell membranes just long enough to admit therapeutic agents contained in the surrounding fluid. 30 July 2010

Common blood protein combined with nanoparticles kills cancer cells
A normally benign protein abundant in human blood appears to be able to zero in on and kill certain cancer cells when paired with nanoparticles, without having to also load the particles with chemotherapy drugs. 30 July 2010

Larch tree extract used to deliver drugs inside cancer cells
By attaching a cancer drug to a polymer from the larch tree, researchers have developed a 'Trojan Horse' molecule that releases cancer-fighting drugs inside cancer cells, protecting healthy tissue. 30 July 2010

Videogame processors reduce radiation in image guided radiation therapy
A new approach to processing X-ray data could lower by a factor of ten or more the amount of radiation patients receive during cone beam CT scans, report researchers from the University of California, San Diego. 26 July 2010

Stem cells made by reprogramming adult cells remember tissue of origin
This could limit the ability of induced pluripotent stem cells to function as a less controversial alternative to embryonic stem cells for basic research and cell replacement therapies. 26 July 2010

BIll GatesHistoric opportunity to "change the face of AIDS", says Bill Gates
Bill Gates has called on all countries to keep up the fight against HIV/AIDS in a keynote speech at the 18th International AIDS Conference, and urged a renewed focus on reducing annual new HIV infections up to 90% by 2031. 26 July 2010 Deutsch Español Francais

Bristol-Myers Squibb Foundation combats HIV and tuberculosis in African community projects
The Bristol-Myers Squibb Foundation has announced the community-based projects that it is currently supporting in resource-poor regions across Africa to help combat the challenge of HIV and tuberculosis co-infection. 26 July 2010

Missing link in cell division discovered
Researchers from The George Washington University Medical Center have identified a protein that plays a crucial role in cell division and is over-expressed in breast cancer. 26 July 2010

Target Health joins forces with LifeOnKey to offer clinical trials platform
Target Health and LifeOnKey are partnering to offering a platform for the bio-pharmaceutical and medical device industries to optimize clinical trials help researchers capture, analyze and assess trial data more efficiently. 26 July 2010

Medical Device Consultants in partnership with Clinical Development & Support Services
US contract research organization (CRO) Medical Device Consultants, Inc. (MDCI) has announced a strategic partnership with Clinical Development & Support Services Ltd (CDSS), a clinical services and CRO based in Cheshire, UK. 26 July 2010

Health Robotics expands CytoCare market into Spain and Portugal
Health Robotics has announced it has granted exclusive rights to Grifols S.A. to distribute its CytoCare chemotherapy system in Spain and Portugal. 26 July 2010

MRI tracking of tumour ablation by carbon nanotubes
A new way of monitoring carbon nanotubes as they destroy tumour cells by laser induced heating has been developed by researchers from Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center. 26 July 2010

New rapid technique to map DNA by melting base pairs
A new method for rapidly mapping the base pairs of a DNA molecule has been developed by researchers in Sweden and Denmark. The technique could be used to find out more easily whether someone is carrying a genetic predisposition to certain diseases. 26 July 2010

Siemens launches initiative to reduce radiation dose from CT scans
Siemens Healthcare has launched the SIERRA initiative to reduce patient exposure to radiation in computed tomography (CT) scans. It has established the Low Dose Expert Panel with 15 specialists. 22 July 2010

Mirada Medical releases Casebook upgrade for showing medical images in PowerPoint
Oxford company Mirada Medical Limited has released a software upgrade for its Casebook (Casebook 1.1.) software, a unique presentation tool for showing medical scans in Microsoft PowerPoint. 22 July 2010

Philips integrates Dako image analysis into digital pathology system
Royal Philips Electronics has signed an agreement with Danish cancer diagnostics company Dako to integrate a selection of Dako’s image analysis applications into Philips’ future digital pathology systems. 22 July 2010

Smartphone app to manage haemophilia treatment
FactorTrack is a free mobile application produced by Bayer HealthCare, Pharmaceuticals that helps make it easier to track and record haemophilia factor VIII infusions. 22 July 2010

BRAIN takes share in Enzymicals
German biotechnology company BRAIN AG has acquired a minority share in chemical and biocatalyst specialist Enzymicals AG. The move enhances the activities of both companies in the biocatalysis sector. 15 July 2010

Covidien completes acquisition of ev3
Covidien has announced the completion of the acquisition of ev3 Inc. for approximately US$2.6 billion. The transaction accelerates Covidien’s strategy of building a world-class vascular platform addressing high-growth markets. 15 July 2010

P2i expands nano-coating portfolio with acquisition of Surface Innovations
Abingdon based P2i Limited, a world leader in liquid repellent nano-coating technology, has acquired Surface Innovations Ltd, a UK-based technology company with a wide range of functional nano-coating patents. 15 July 2010

New generation of biological scaffolds for tissue transplants
The scaffolds, derived from natural human or animal tissues such as vascular patches will not be rejected by a patient's immune system and can be repaired and renewed like normal tissue. 15 July 2010

St Jude Medical completes takeover of LightLab Imaging
St Jude Medical has completed the acquisition of LightLab Imaging, Inc. for approximately $90 million in cash. LightLab is a pioneer and leader in the development of Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT), a high resolution diagnostic coronary imaging technology. 14 July 2010

BAE Systems wins $17m US army contract for head-worn brain injury sensor
BAE Systems has received an initial order of $17 million from the US Army for its Headborne Energy Analysis and Diagnostic Systems (HEADS) to help address combat-related traumatic brain injuries (TBI). These are rapidly becoming a signature injury of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. 14 July 2010

Alcon to acquire cataract surgery laser developer LenSx Lasers
Alcon, Inc. has agreed to acquire LenSx Lasers, Inc, a privately held company that developed the first femtosecond laser to receive US FDA clearance for use as a part of cataract surgery. 14 July 2010

Roche Applied Science Industrial Business relaunched as Roche Custom Biotech
The relaunch is to increase brand recognition in the life science, pharmaceutical, and diagnostic industry. 14 July 2010

Sequencing of body louse genome will lead to new insect disease control methods
A global research team led by scientists from the J. Craig Venter Institute (JCVI) have sequenced and analysed the body louse genome. 14 July 2010

Protein on surface of MRSA plays key role in infecting human cells
An international research team has found that Fibronectin Binding Protein plays a key roll in enabling MRSA to infect human cells. 14 July 2010

FDA approves test for early diagnosis of AIDS from HIV antigen
The US FDA has approved an innovative new diagnostic tool from Abbott that can detect the AIDS antigen and give a diagnosis of AIDS earlier than ever before. 14 July 2010

European pharma companies lead in increasing access to medicines in developing countries
European pharmaceutical companies outcompete their US counterparts in making medicines available to people in developing countries, according to the Access to Medicine Index. 14 July 2010
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Women receive greater benefit from CRT-Ds than men
Cardiac resynchronization therapy defibrillators (CRT-Ds) reduce heart failure events more in women than men, according to data from Boston Scientific Corporation's MADIT-CRT trial. 14 July 2010

Erectile dysfunction indicates high risk of heart attack
A Malaysian study has found that seven out of 10 men admitted to hospital for a heart attack had erectile dysfunction (ED) in the six months prior to their admission. 14 July 2010

Chinese least likely to get cardiovascular disease
Racial-ethnic groups living in a similar environment and with access to universal healthcare differ strikingly in their cardiovascular risk profiles. 14 July 2010

Networking platform for users of antibodies in biomedical research is a web-based platform that lists over 100,000 antibody products for biomedical research and facilitates global networking and collaboration among research scientists. 12 July 2010

Bee venom toxin leads to new treatment for dementia
Apamin, a toxin found in bee venom that blocks a type of ion channel in the human nervous system, has potential for developing new treatments for neural conditions such as muscular dystrophy, depression and dementia. 12 July 2010

Link found between surgery and Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease
A causal relationship between the onset of Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (CJD) and general surgery has been found by analysing decades of Danish and Swedish electronic patient records. 12 July 2010

FDA approves first implantable miniature telescope to improve sight of AMD patients
The US FDA has approved the Implantable Miniature Telescope (IMT) for some patients with end-stage, age-related macular degeneration (AMD). It replaces the natural lens and provides an image that has been magnified more than two times. 12 July 2010

ECRI Institute adds 4,000 new terms to medical device nomenclature system
The 2010 Universal Medical Device Nomenclature System (UMDNS) now contains 24,544 terms covering the expanse of medical devices and equipment used for modern healthcare delivery. 12 July 2010

World’s largest online directory of tissue banks has launched the free directory for biomedical researchers, which lists over 230 human tissue banks spanning four continents. 12 July 2010

Stanford Hospital opens hybrid operating and angiography room
The hybrid room enables a patient to stay in one place to be diagnosed and treated, either with surgery or the latest interventional procedure, in an environment as sterile as an operating room, with all-important imaging devices, microscopes and monitors right at hand. 12 July 2010

Medtronic receives CE Mark for Ensura MRI compatible pacemakers
The system is a new option in a portfolio of devices approved for use with MRI machines and available in select European countries. 12 July 2010

Global network of proton therapy centres for cancer treatment
Proton Therapy USA and CareCapital are to form a new company, Proton Therapy Global Management, to develop a global network of proton therapy centres to provide access to this specialized and highly effective cancer treatment. 12 July 2010

Claros Diagnostics receives EU approval for point-of-care PSA test
Claros Diagnostics' rapid quantitative diagnostic platform consists of a small portable analyzer and a credit card-sized disposable unit. 12 July 2010

Boston Scientific enrols first patient in multisensor CRT clinical trial
Boston Scientific Corporation (NYSE: BSX) has enrolled the first patient in its MultiSENSE clinical trial. The trial is designed to evaluate multiple physiologic sensors in the Company's Cognis cardiac resynchronization therapy defibrillators (CRT-Ds). 12 July 2010

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