World’s largest online directory of tissue banks

12 July 2010

The world’s largest directory of tissue banks, biobanks and biorepositories has been unveiled by, a global hub where researchers and suppliers meet to match needs.

Over 230 human tissue banks spanning four continents are listed in the free online directory, which offers free hyperlinks to those with websites. “We get several requests a day from hospitals and commercial biobanks to be listed on,” says Kathleen Frawley, Managing Director of SpecimenCentral. “At the present rate, our directory will double in size in 90 days.”

Despite the rapid proliferation of biobanks and tissue banks throughout the US and the world, there still is no efficient way to locate and procure human tissue samples, according to Frawley. “Most biomedical researchers are looking for a needle in a haystack,” she adds. “ is the one place in the world where researchers and tissue banks can meet to exchange needs and supply.” features a bulletin board where researchers confidentially post a description of biospecimens needed for their research. Biobanks routinely check the board to learn about researchers’ needs. If there appears to be a match researchers are made aware of biobanks’ interest, or tender, and are free to reply. At a minimum, researchers stand to make qualitative and cost comparisons of tissue offers from multiple sources.

Tissue banks, sales representatives, agents, brokers and commercial partners use to uncover demand for their inventories and develop new connections and revenue streams to defray operational costs. “We seek to supplement, not displace, their marketing efforts,” explains Frawley.

Specimen Central, LLC is located at 

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