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November 2009

Toumaz Technology named emerging technology company of the year
Toumaz Technology Limited, producer of ultra-low power wireless infrastructure for body monitoring solutions has been named “Emerging Technology Company of the Year” by the National Microelectronics Institute (NMI), the premier trade association representing the semiconductor industry in the UK and Ireland.

Nolato Medical expands Swedish Technology Centre
Nolato Medical is expanding its Technology Centre in southern Sweden to meet increased demand from its customers for more complex medical device product development. 25 Nov 2009

Siemens develops mathematical approach to lower radiation dose in computed tomography
Siemens Healthcare has developed what it calls Iterative Reconstruction in Image Space (IRIS) to generate high-quality images, acquired with smaller radiation doses. 25 Nov 2009

Olympus opens technology centre for high energy medical products in Czech Republic
Olympus subsidiary Olympus Winter & Ibe has opened a new  technology centre in the Czech city of Přerov to manufacture products such as high-frequency generators, applicators for bipolar high-frequency ablation, electrodes for urology, and electrical instruments used in surgery. 25 Nov 2009

Technologies for health on show in Valencia
ITHACA-TSB, the Polytechnic University of Valencia and its spin-off, Technology Solutions for Health and Welfare SA (TSB), are showing their most innovative applications to improve the quality of life and health care in the Health Fair and Welfare show, to be held from 26 to 29 November 2009 at Feria Valencia. Español. 25 Nov 2009

Digital pens improve treatment of acute diabetes at Bethesda Hospital, Stuttgart
Mobile technology is helping patients with acute diabetes manage their illness more effectively so that long-term complications associated with the illness can be treated earlier. 18 November 2009

IBM creates rapid diagnostic testing system on a chip
Researchers at IBM's Zurich labs  have created a point-of-care diagnostic test system based on microfluidics on a silicon chip. The lab-on-a-chip requires less sample volume, is significantly faster, portable, easy to use and can test for many diseases. Deutsch 18 Nov 2009

Skills boost for North West England biopharmaceutical industry
Partnership for Learning is offering a series of bespoke e-learning courses aimed at the North West's 200 biopharmaceutical and medical device companies to address a skills shortage. 18 Nov 2009

Carbon monoxide monitors for smokers show level of poison in blood
MD Diagnostics Ltd is exhibiting its carbon monoxide (CO) monitors for measuring CO concentrations in smokers' breath at the Medica trade fair this week. These new devices are crucial in highlighting the dangers of the deadly habit.  17 Nov 2009

Made-to-measure surgical instruments on show at Medica
Sheffield-based Platts & Nisbett, who offer surgeons a ‘made to measure’ service for their hand-crafted surgical instruments, is looking to roll out their high quality products in hospitals around the world. 17 Nov 2009

Signs of the times — fighting infection with silver technology
A range of signs capable of killing 99.99% of ‘superbug’ bacteria will be unveiled at Medica 2009  by British-based Centurion Europe. Its pioneering range of ‘Biosigns’ uses silver ionisation to provide a robust anti-microbial protection. 17 Nov 2009

Patient wristbands rolled out across Europe
Brenmoor, whose printed identification wristbands are used in eight out of 10 UK hospitals, is looking to roll out its products in Europe and globally using trade fair Medica in Dusseldorf as a launch platform. 17 Nov 2009

Pioneering laparoscopic device showcased at Medica
LogiFlex, produced by Surgical Innovations, is a flexible laparoscopic device that uses pioneering flex technology to offer surgeons better rigidity during delicate surgical procedures. 17 Nov 2009

Tomorrow Options exhibits WalkinSense mobility monitor for diabetics at Medica
WalkinSense is an easy to use wireless portable device that gathers and processes data of lower limb movements during walking, measuring both diabetic patient mobility patterns and plantar pressure. 16 Nov 2009

Paxman Coolers launch next-generation scalp coolers for reducing hair loss during chemotherapy
Huddersfield-based Paxman Coolers are launching their next-generation NPAX1 scalp cooler at Medica in Dusseldorf this week.
Scalp coolers provide cancer patients with the best possible chance of retaining their hair whilst undergoing chemotherapy treatment. 16 Nov 2009

Simple health measures would prevent 2.5 million child deaths a year
Simple health interventions, such as safe water and hygiene, bed nets and basic maternal and newborn care, would save about a third of the children under five who die each year worldwide, says leading international aid agency World Vision. 16 Nov 2009

World Diabetes Day on 14 November highlights worldwide diabetes epidemic
November 14 marks World Diabetes Day, a global awareness campaign led by the International Diabetes Federation (IDF) that highlights the diabetes epidemic and aims to bring hope to the 285 million people living with diabetes worldwide. 13 Nov 2009 Deutsch Francais Espanol

Xerox develops silver ink for printing electronic circuits on flexible surfaces
Printable electronics offers manufacturers a very low-cost way to add 'intelligence' or computing power to a wide range of surfaces such as plastic or fabric, and can be used in new applications such as smart pill boxes or rollable display screens. 13 Nov 2009

Diagnostic Hybrids gains FDA clearance for influenza A and B virus identification kit
Diagnostic Hybrids has announced FDA (510k) clearance of its D3 FastPoint L-DFATM Influenza A/ Influenza B Virus Identification Kit. 13 Nov 2009

Biotronik launches Evia pacemaker in Europe
Berlin-based Biotronik SE & Co. KG, has launched in Europe its new, unified platform pacemaker series, Evia, and several new products to further strengthen its bradycardia portfolio. 13 Nov 2009

PPD to Acquire Excel PharmaStudies
Global contract research organization PPD, Inc. is to acquire Chinese company Excel PharmaStudies, Inc. a market leader and one of the largest contract research organizations in China. 12 Nov 2009

Manhattan Scientifics and Senior Scientifics collaborate to develop cancer cell detection system
Manhattan Scientifics and Senior Scientific, LLC are co-operating to commercialize Senior Scientific’s magnetic needle leukemia cancer cell detection invention based on the use of nanoparticles. 12 Nov 2009

Agilent and Stanford University to build breakthrough sub 10 nanometre scale devices
Agilent Technologies Inc. (NYSE: A) is collaborating with Stanford University to study using scanning probe microscope and atomic layer deposition to build devices with breakthroughs in sub 10 nm scale 12. Nov 2009

Doctors renew warning over use of home foetal heart monitors
Doctors have issued a further warning to expectant parents not to use over-the-counter foetal heart monitors (Doppler devices) at home because they can lead to false reassurance and delays in seeking medical help. 6 Nov 2009

Zilico to exhibit pioneering device for rapid detection of cervical cancer at Medica
A pioneering device that offers a quicker, more accurate detection of cervical cancer in real time, removing several weeks of waiting for a diagnosis, is being exhibited by British company Zilico Ltd for the first time at Medica 2009. 3 Nov 2009

Toumaz Technology conducts clinical trial of Sensium-enabled wireless body monitor
The trial of the ultra-low power, ultra-small body monitoring system is being conducted by a team at Imperial College London to demonstrate the high quality physiological data that can be acquired by such a system. 3 November 2009

Sterilin to showcase single-use lab products at Medica 2009
The Sterilin range of single-use plastics comprises over 800 products for microbiology and life science laboratories and includes specimen containers, Petri dishes, multiwell plates and centrifuge tubes. 3 Nov 2009

French biotech clusters join forces to develop stem cell engineering
The new consortium has received significant French government funding for a three-year research and development project, which will focus on the use of induced pluripotent stem cells. 3 Nov 2009

GATC Biotech to open sequencing laboratory in London BioScience Innovation Centre
GATC Biotech has announced that it will open a sequencing laboratory in London to provide scientists in UK and Ireland with single-sample sequencing services. 3 Nov 2009

Roke launches high-voltage testing facility for medical equipment
Roke Manor Research Ltd has launched the world’s first commercial generic high voltage test facility which will help manufacturers of high-end medical equipment decrease time to market for new products. 3 Nov 2009

High precision analyser for medical and military applications
Revolutionary technology for analysis of chemical and biological substances developed at the University of Delaware holds promise in multiple applications, ranging from the early detection of diseases, to monitoring for chemical weapons and environmental pollutants. 2 November 2009

Boston Scientific launches Promus Element Stent System in Europe
Boston Scientific has announced EU approval and the launch in Europe of its Promus Element Everolimus-eluting coronary stent system. 3 Nov 2009

Abbott completes acquisition of Evalve
Abbott (NYSE:ABT) has announced that it has completed its acquisition of Evalve, Inc., a developer of devices for minimally invasive repair of mitral valves. 3 Nov 2009

FDA publishes guidance on developing diagnostic tests for 2009 H1N1 flu virus
During a pandemic manufacturers can submit a request to the FDA for an Emergency Use Authorization to allow unapproved tests that meet certain criteria to be used for diagnosis. 3 Nov 2009

Vanguard Healthcare to exhibit mobile operating theatres at Medica
Vanguard Healthcare, the world’s largest supplier of mobile operating theatres and day surgery units, is to exhibit at Medica for the first time. 2 Nov 2009

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