Olympus opens technology centre for high energy medical products in Czech Republic

25 November 2009

Hamburg-based Olympus subsidiary Olympus Winter & Ibe has opened a new  6 million technology centre for high-energy-based medical devices in the Czech city of Přerov.

Products include high-frequency generators, applicators for bipolar high-frequency ablation, electrodes for urology, as well as electrical instruments used in surgery.

Using these innovative devices, not only is tissue removed with 100% accuracy, it is simultaneously ablated and bleeding is staunched — making treatment even gentler for patients.

The production facility“By opening one of the most modern technology centres in the Czech Republic, we have set a further important milestone in our corporate history. By means of our new centre “Olympus Medical Products Czech”, we plan to reinforce our production and development expertise throughout the Olympus Group,” emphasises Heinz Jacqui, Executive Managing Director of Olympus Winter & Ibe.

“At this location, we’re investing in a highly promising growth region with a long tradition in the field of medical technology. Together, we plan to further develop one of the key future technologies in the field of medicine, and to reinforce and extend our already very good market position.”

Award for state-of-the-art energy management

The new building in Přerov was designed with sustainability and energy efficiency in mind and has received two “Class A” certificates for efficient and environmentally compatible energy management. This production site is the first industrial building in the Czech Republic to be awarded these certifications, and one of the first of its kind throughout Central Europe.

In this new plant energy requirements will be reduced by 60%compared with buildings of a similar size and design. Compact external facade padding and special glazing ensure substantially reduced heating needs. Special heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems as well as revolutionary lighting solutions reduce power consumption within this facility by about 290 megawatt-hours per annum, saving an annual volume of 918 tonnes in CO2 emissions – or as much as about 70 households cause each year.

Solar power generators on the roof of the new building
Solar power generators on the roof of the new building

Moreover, in addition to efficient energy saving solutions, the building complex is designed to produce additional energy; for instance, the photovoltaic plant mounted on the roofs generates more than 60,000 kilowatt hours of electricity per annum.

With its products and system solutions, Olympus has positioned itself as a strong partner to the medical sector. Flexible and rigid endoscopes play a significant role in minimally invasive diagnostics and therapy. The product range comprises endoscopes and system solutions for extensive applications in internal medicine and surgery, endoscopic video systems, as well as special recycling systems and a wide range of endoscopic accessories.


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