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Brainlab announces UK symposia on Novalis Tx radiosurgery platform
Image-guided technology developer Brainlab is inviting key UK clinicians and healthcare professionals to a series of free clinical symposia on 27 April in Bristol, 28 April in Sheffield and 29 April in London. 23 April 2010

Zurich hospital first to give radiotherapy with new Varian TrueBeam
The University Hospital of Zürich has become the first in the world to treat cancer patients with the revolutionary TrueBeam system that can treat a moving target with unprecedented speed and precision. 22 April 2010

Siemens Uroskop images entire urinary tract with single exposure
The new dynamic flat detector technology of UROSKOP Omnia enables the urologist to cover the entire urinary tract (kidney, ureter, bladder) with only one single exposure of exceptional image quality. 22 April 2010

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Nanosensors powered by piezoelectric nanogenerators
By combining a new generation of piezoelectric nanogenerators with two types of nanowire sensors, researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology have created what are believed to be the first self-powered nanometer-scale sensing devices that draw power from the conversion of mechanical energy. 21 April 2010

Cultivating uncultivable bacteria opens door for new generation of antibiotics
Scientists at Northeastern University in the US have taken a major step towards being able to grow previously uncultivable bacteria in the lab, the potential key to developing a new generation of highly effective antibiotics. 21 April 2010

Combined colon and kidney surgery using single-incision laparoscopy
Surgeons at the University of California, San Diego School of Medicine have carried out a single-incision laparoscopy to perform a combined colectomy and kidney-preserving therapy. 21 April 2010

Growth factor from endothelial cells enables mass production of adult stem cells
Research has found that endothelial cells, components of blood vessels, produce growth factors that can grow copious amounts of adult stem cells. Until now, adult stem cell cultures would die within four or five days despite best efforts to grow them. 21 April 2010

Supercomputer maps evolution of H1N1 flu mutations giving resistance to Tamiflu
If the behaviour of the seasonal form of the H1N1 influenza virus is any indication, scientists say that chances are good that most strains of the pandemic H1N1 flu virus will become resistant to Tamiflu, the main drug stockpiled for use against it. 21 April 2010

HD 3D view in robotic surgery for prostate cancer compensates for lack of touch
Robotic surgical technology with its three-dimensional, high-definition view gives surgeons the sensation of touch, even as they operate from a remote console. Outcomes compare favourably with traditional invasive surgery. 21 April 2010

Better biomarkers needed for liver cancer detection
Widely used biomarkers are not optimal in early detection of liver cancer, the third most common cause of cancer-related death worldwide, according to a study published in Gastroenterology. 21 April 2010

Drug screening strategy finds two prototype cancer drugs
A comprehensive drug development strategy that starts with extensive screening of potential targeting agents and then narrows down to a small-molecule prototype has yielded two potential drugs that block cancer-promoting pathways in novel ways. 21 April 2010

New antivirus effective against H5N1 flu
A single intranasal dose of CS-8958 given to mice two hours after infection with H5N1 influenza virus resulted in a higher survival rate and lower virus levels than a standard five-day course of oseltamivir (Tamiflu). 21 April 2010

A model of the protein Jasanoff's team engineered into a dopamine sensor for MRI.Novel MRI dopamine sensor provides new tool for functional imaging of brain
Neuroscientists at MIT have designed a new MRI sensor that responds to the neurotransmitter dopamine, an achievement that may significantly improve the specificity and resolution of future brain imaging procedures. 21 April 2010

Recycling medical equipment could save hospitals millions
Wider adoption of the practice of recycling medical equipment — including laparoscopic ports and durable cutting tools typically tossed out after a single use — could save hospitals hundreds millions of dollars annually and curb waste at medical centres. 21 April 2010

First EU Joint Programming initiative to tackle Alzheimer’s and Parkinson's disease
Leading researchers from across Europe gathered in Stockholm last week to develop a European-wide research strategy to tackle neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s Disease. 20 April 2010

How nanosized particles may affect skin care products
The rapidly growing field of nanotechnology and its future use in cosmetic products holds both enormous potential and potential concern for consumers. 16 April 2010

Illumina introduces VeraCode ADME core panel for studying drug response and adverse events
The ADME Core Panel offers the most complete representation of the key biomarkers associated with drug absorption, distribution, metabolism and excretion. 16 April 2010

New method for tuning lasers gives potential for nanosurgery
Researchers at the Technische Universität Darmstadt have found a new method for generating tunable wavelengths employing quantum-dot lasers. It has potential applications in molecular surgery, destroying cancer cells, corneal surgery and diagnostics. 16 April 2010

Residual brain tumour cells need different treatment from main tumour
Tumour cells left behind after surgery were found to be substantially different from the cells in the midst of the tumour mass and could explain why radiation or chemotherapy cannot entirely prevent this deadly disease to reoccur. 15 April 2010 Deutsch Francais

Wide variations in treatment for breast cancer in Europe, USA and Japan
A global study of nearly 10,000 women with early breast cancer has found wide variations in how they were treated, despite international consensus on best practice, according to the May issue of the British Journal of Surgery. 15 April 2010

Domainex collaboration with ICR advances breast cancer drug research
Scientists have discovered drug-like compounds that inhibit an enzyme from the PARP superfamily, whose expression leads to the survival of breast cancer cells. These will be screened to find potential drug candidates for further development. 14 April 2010

Olympus merges minimally invasive diagnostics expertise into Olympus Surgical Technologies Europe
Olympus Winter & Ibe GmbH, Celon AG and Olympus Medical Products Czech SPOL SRO have joined forces to create a new, single brand. 14 April 2010

International design award for three Siemens diagnostic imaging systems
Siemens Healthcare has been awarded the international red dot design award for three of its new-to-market imaging systems. 14 April 2010

Almac launches web-based label approval process for clinical trials
Almac Clinical Services has launched a new web-based clinical Label Approval System, a workflow-based label approval management system. 14 April 2010

PolyTherics receives £100k grant to develop novel fusion proteins
PolyTherics Limited, London-based innovators in precision engineering of proteins, has started work on a project to produce fusion proteins using its chemical linker technologies. 14 April 2010

Siemens expands Clinitek point of care urinalysis porfolio
Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics has launched the Clinitek Status+ Analyser and the Clinitek Status Connect System for urinalysis and pregnancy testing at the point of care. 2 April 2010

ChromoTek launches RFP-Trap and GFP-Booster bioimaging reagents
RFP-Trap is used to identify and pull down interaction partners of proteins tagged with RFP (red fluorescent protein) and GFP-Booster restores or increases the GFP (green fluorescent protein) signal in super-resolution microscopy. 2 April 2010

TRaC offers safety test service for in vitro diagnostic medical systems
TRaC has received full accreditation at its UK facilities to carry out safety testing of all medical diagnostic products that fall within the scope of the EU In Vitro Diagnostic (IVD) Medical Devices Directive. 2 April 2010

Promega Maxwell 16 in vitro diagnostics system gains EU approval
The Promega Maxwell 16 IVD System has gained the CE marked for in vitro diagnostic medical devices. The CE mark applies to the instrument, the Maxwell 16 Blood DNA Purification System and the Maxwell 16 Viral Total Nucleic Acid Purification System. 2 April 2010

Symposium on deuterium depletion: a new concept in anticancer drug development
The First International Symposium on Deuterium Depletion will be held on 13-14 May 2010 in Budapest, Hungary to give researchers and medical practitioners a unique opportunity to get acquainted with a novel tool for submolecular medicine. 2 April 2010

NHS NIC awards Frazer Nash medical product development grants
Engineering consultancy Frazer-Nash has been awarded a series of development grants by the UK NHS National Innovation Centre (NIC) to develop innovative healthcare product concepts to support the needs of NHS patients. 2 April 2010

Northern Irish oncology hub showcased in Washington DC
Almac opened a high-level Washington DC event last month: From Science to Society: A Northern Ireland Showcase in Cancer Genomics and Personalized Medicine, to highlighted the capabilities and exceptional work of Northern Ireland’s established oncology hub. 2 April 2010

Phico Therapeutics raises further £1.8m to develop new class of superbug antibiotics
Cambridge based Phico Therapeutics, has raised £1.8 million from their recent funding round of institutional investors and business angels to develop new treatments for drug-resistant 'superbugs'. 2 April 2010

Genetic test for cancer could result in reduced side effects from treatment in children
A genetic analysis technique that can identify a less agressive form of a cancer could enable children to be given less intensive treatment than current practice to reduce their risk of damaging side-effects. 2 April 2010

Evotec in deal with Hypha Discovery to enhance drug discovery platform
The deal gives Evotec's screening clients access to Hypha’s MycoDiverse natural product collection for use as part of its hit-and-lead services to identify medicinal compounds. 2 April 2010

Bioheart launches trial of genetically modified muscle stem cells for heart repair
US company Bioheart has commenced work on its REGEN trial, a Phase I clinical trial to test genetically modified muscle stem cells in hearts of patients suffering from congestive heart failure (CHF). 2 April 2010

New clues to achieving eternal life
Researchers at Umeå University in Sweden have shown that cells that grow forever get this capacity through gradual changes in the expression of genes that govern the repair of DNA damage and regulate growth and cell death. 1 April 2010

First deployment of iMDsoft's ICU software in Denmark
Gentofte University Hospital, Hellerup, Denmark has chosen iMDsoft's MetaVision for its newly-built, state-of-the-art, intensive care unit. 1 April 2010

Telemedicine improves stroke evaluations in rural areas
A US study has shown that compared with telephone consultations, telemedicine evaluation of stroke patients results in more accurate diagnoses, better emergency decision-making, fewer complications and encouraging long-term outcomes. 1 April 2010

Eden Biodesign and Millipore in partnership to offer pharmaceutical manufacturing and gene expression technology
The partnership that will provide biopharmaceutical companies with access to a combination of Eden’s cGMP manufacturing and Millipore’s Ubiquitous Chromatin Opening Elements expression technology. 1 April 2010

High-resolution CT and CT pulmonary angiography most important advances in cardiopulmonary imaging in 25 years
The two techniques were chosen as the most influential in a survey of experts conducted by the Journal of Thoracic Imaging to mark its 25th anniversary. 1 April 2010

European countries adopt plan to fight environmental threats to health
Through the Declaration and Commitment to Act 53 European governments agreed to implement national programmes to provide equal opportunities to each child by 2020 by ensuring access to safe water and sanitation, opportunities for physical activity and a healthy diet, improved air quality and an environment free of toxic chemicals. 1 April 2010

fcMRI scans of brainMRI scans of brain networks could help predict effects of brain injury
An MRI scanning technique originally developed for study of brain organization could enable better prediction of the effects of strokes and other brain injuries, neurologists at Washington University School of Medicine in St Louis have found. 1 April 2010

New tuberculosis inhibitor discovered (includes video)
Researchers at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine have screened 175,000 small chemical compounds and identified one that blocks the growth of the tuberculosis bacteria. 1 April 2010

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