Eden Biodesign and Millipore in partnership to offer pharmaceutical manufacturing and gene expression technology

1 April 2010

Eden Biodesign Ltd and Millipore Corporation have announced a partnership that will provide biopharmaceutical companies with access to a combination of Eden’s cGMP manufacturing and Millipore’s Ubiquitous Chromatin Opening Elements (UCOE) expression technology.

As part of this agreement, Eden Biodesign will employ Millipore’s proprietary UCOE expression technology to undertake mammalian cell line development projects and cGMP production for third-party clients.

Millipore’s UCOE technology provides major improvements in gene expression for stably transfected mammalian cells through effects on the structure of chromatin. Cells developed using Millipore’s UCOE technology are stable high-expressors, which means it is much easier and faster for biopharmaceutical manufacturers to identify high-yielding clones with the productivity and stability required for biomanufacturing than with many other expression systems.

“We are delighted to work with a recognized industry leader like Millipore to make this extremely valuable technology available to our clients around the world,” said Roger Lias, PhD, president of Eden Biodesign’s North American subsidiary.

“Speed-to-clinic and the ability to rapidly develop highly productive cell lines that will support economically viable production through clinical development, process scale-up and steady-state large scale commercial supply are vitally important considerations for our clients.”

“Millipore is committed to bringing innovation that solves critical biopharmaceutical manufacturing business needs. Our distinctive UCOE technology, with its high expression elements, revolutionizes the speed by which protein therapeutics can be produced in mammalian cells,” said Andrew Bulpin, PhD, Vice President, Upstream Processing for Millipore’s Bioprocess Division.

“We are pleased to collaborate with Eden Biodesign in the complex mammalian cell development arena and have high expectations for the ongoing success of this partnership.”


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