Almac launches web-based label approval process for clinical trials

14 April 2010

Almac Clinical Services has launched a new web-based clinical Label Approval System (LAS), a unique workflow-based label approval management system.

LAS gives users full online review, amendment, traceability and control functionality regardless of geographic location.

This is the latest addition to the Almac Clinical Services portfolio in improving the overall clinical label approval process.

Traditionally manual in scope and highly labour intensive, this system development will automate the approval process and speed up the time taken to generate labels for investigational products. It will ensure all steps involved in the label approval are easily visible, traceable and actionable to users — eliminating the need for reliance on email, fax and hard copy, thereby speeding up the editing process.

The system includes multiple reports so users have full traceability for reviews, edits and approval allowing them to identify any bottlenecks in the label approval process and improve the overall efficiency of clinical label generation.

Paul O’Connor, Vice President of Quality, Almac Clinical Services said, "I am delighted to announce the launch of our new Label Approval System — we have invested significantly in the development of this new system which is the latest in a series of process improvements to remove bottlenecks in the clinical supply chain. This latest offering to our service portfolio range will be of major interest to our clients within the Pharmaceutical and Biotech industries who are seeking faster routes to get their drugs to market."

This latest launch also coincides with the launch of a new web based Shipping Temperature Electronic Monitoring System (stems). Upon download, stems equips clinical supply professionals with immediate visibility over all crucial shipment temperature reports. This enables users to make instant decisions 24/7 on their clinical supplies without the need for monitor returns or faxing of results.

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