Siemens expands Clinitek point of care urinalysis porfolio

2 April 2010

Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics has expanded its point of care urinalysis portfolio with the Clinitek Status+ Analyser and the Clinitek Status Connect System.

The Clinitek Status+ now offers advanced quality checks to improve the accuracy of clinical information, including automatic checks for common sample interferences and a check for humidity over-exposure for selected urinalysis test strips.

The analyser saves valuable time by automatically identifying the type of urine test strip it is evaluating, eliminating manual information entry. It can be upgraded to Clinitek Status Connect to support connectivity to the patient’s electronic medical record or other data management options.

Improved patient data security

The new Clinitek Status Connect System combines the Clinitek Status+ Analyser with a connector platform to integrate data directly to laboratory information systems, via Siemens’ RAPIDComm® point of care middleware, or other generic point of care data management systems.

By automatically transmitting urinalysis patient and quality control test results, the system streamlines documentation, eliminates manual transcriptions, improves productivity and reduces errors.

The system can restrict access to specified users. Up to 700 operators can be programmed with varying levels of system access, preventing unauthorised use of the system. Operator and patient identification, as well as lot and expiration dates, are also transmitted with test results to improve risk management of urinalysis test reporting. Additionally the Clinitek Status Connect System enhances Quality Control (QC) management capabilities by allowing test lockout if quality controls are not achieved.

The Clinitek Status plus with the Status Connect
The Clinitek Status plus with the Status Connect system

“Both the Status+ and Status Connect build on what is already a highly successful product range,” said Catherine Spurgeon, Product Manager Urinalysis at Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics. “Improved quality checks and automation capabilities will help clinicians achieve even greater levels of efficiency and accuracy in urinalysis. With the addition of QC management technology for ensuring appropriate use of the unit, both innovations represent the next generation of Point of Care testing.”

Over 65,000 Clinitek Status Analysers have been purchased worldside since 2003.

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