Nanotechnology group welcomes UK government strategy

25 March 2010

The Secretariat of the UK Nanotechnology Mini-Innovation and Growth Team (Mini-IGT) has welcomed the publication of the UK  Nanotechnologies Strategy: Small Technologies, Great Opportunities [1].

The strategy follows a recent report submitted to Government earlier this year by the Nanotechnology Mini-IGT, detailing recommendations for the further success of nanotechnology in the UK.

In January, the Nanotechnology Mini-IGT, comprising four knowledge transfer networks (KTNs) — Nanotechnology, Materials, Chemistry Innovation and Sensors and Instrumentation, considered where the UK sits in terms of investment in comparison with competitors and reviewed the UK’s capability to exploit nanotechnologies given the organisations and funding bodies currently in place. The report entitled Nanotechnology: a UK Industry View provided a strategic approach in support of the commercialisation of nanotechnology based products in the UK.

The Nanotechnology Mini-IGT made a number of recommendations in the areas of policy and regulation, funding, skills and engagement and the Secretariat of the Nanotechnology Mini-IGT is pleased to note that the Government has taken account of these recommendations in the UK Strategy.

In response to the report, the Nanotechnology Leadership Group will be established, and will be chaired by a BIS Minister. This group is welcomed together with the proposed continuation of the inter KTN Nanotechnology Mini-IGT Group, through the formation of a Nanotechnology Special Interest Group that will ensure continued industrial engagement through the implementation process.

The inter KTN Group will work alongside Government departments and agencies on the implementation of the UK Nanotechnologies Strategy via various funding mechanisms to ensure safe and responsible nanotechnology enabled products are being exploited to underpin economic growth in the UK.

Further information

UK Nanotechnologies Strategy: Small Technologies, Great Opportunities, can be downloaded from:


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