MedilinkWM extends business service to assisted-living market

16 March 2010

A membership service managed by UK industry association Medilink West Midlands for the life sciences sectors has been expanded to include the assisted living sector.

The service, myM-Link, delivers access to business opportunities and information services to its members, and a host of tangible benefits that are tailored and dedicated to businesses operating in the UKs assisted living market.

Alvolution is the division of MedilinkWM that is dedicated to stimulating demand for assisted living technology, leading and driving the assisted living market to create better products to deliver quality healthcare.

Rob Chesters, Manager of Alvolution, said: “Helping improve life at home for those with disabilities and long-term healthcare needs represents a major challenge to manufacturers of assisted living technology. Estimates indicate that in the UK, the number of people aged 65 or over will rise from 9.3 million to 16.8 million over the next fifty years. This market is clearly growing and at the same time becoming more developed and as it does, there are an increasing number of commercial opportunities exposed.

“Alvolution’s myM-Link service presents a specialist service for manufacturers and businesses already serving the assisted living market, or indeed keen to break into this dynamic and growing sector, so that they may play a part in improving the lives of the elderly and those living with long-term health conditions.

“For product and service providers for the Assisted Living sector, myM-Link delivers real benefits and medical market intelligence as part of an organisation’s strategic business plans.”

Alvolution Collaboration Manager Alison Mlot, adds: “The myM-Link service is already proven in other key sectors within the life sciences market. The service tailors its support to the needs of individual members, from monthly news, opinions and updates, to mutually beneficial link-ups with potential suppliers, partners or customers. The service can also extend to notifications of tender opportunities and alerts of commercial opportunities.”

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