FASILIS project invites innovative medical technology businesses to participate

25 March 2010

FASILIS (Facility Sharing in Life Sciences), is a European project designed to stimulate innovation in the human health marketplace. It is inviting SME-size biotechnology, pharmacy and medical biology companies to apply for financial vouchers that will give them access to top quality international research and development facilities and their services across Europe.

In England, through FASILIS’ partner South East Health Technologies Alliance (SEHTA), vouchers are specifically available to innovative companies based in the South East that are involved in the development or delivery of telecare solutions.

FASILIS is an international project whose aim is to stimulate connections between SMEs and a European network of public and private research facilities in six participating regions in the Netherlands, Belgium, England, Germany and Denmark.

Up to 21 May 2010, applications are invited from any SME or start-up company based in one of the participating regions. The FASILIS voucher initiative is designed to give qualifying SMEs access to a far wider range of research and development facilities than currently available on their own doorstep; broadening their contacts, networks and competencies.

Each voucher issued by FASILIS is worth €6000 and may be used to buy services from a facility provider in one of the other FASILIS partner regions. Such services are typically expected to include access to equipment, analytical services, research projects, clinical trials, product design/ prototype manufacture, or technical training.

“This initiative is designed to give innovative telecare companies a real helping hand, particularly where they need certain types of support or dedicated expertise but don’t have the more sizeable resources of larger organisations,” says Dr David Parry, CEO of the South East Health Technologies Alliance, one of the FASILIS partners involved in the voucher project. “I would encourage any business in our region to apply — it could make a huge difference to their offering in the months and years ahead.”

Vouchers cover 100% of the costs of the service provided by the facility. If the cost of the service exceeds €6000, it is possible to combine with additional budgets. Each region will be issuing 15 vouchers to successful applicants. Vouchers may not be used as a discount on previously agreed projects or for general business consultancy, marketing or other routine activities.

The facility provider must be located within the participating regions, but not in the same geographic location as the business. Any university, hospital (R&D), public or private research centre or company included in the online catalogue of approved FASILIS providers. It is also possible to suggest a facility to the FASILIS team.

To apply for a voucher or to find out more about this initiative, an application form isincluded in the Call for Applications which is available on the FASILIS website upto 21 May 2010.
See www.fasilis.eu for details

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