Fractal design gives more efficient body-worn antennas

10 August 2010

Fractal Antenna Systems, Inc. has developed a new approach to body worn antennas that allows smaller antennas that are wideband, to stick onto clothing using Velcro or other attachments. Dubbed 'FRACTAL Stickem’s', the new antenna approach opens new possibilities, for military, covert, and commercial applications, including medical.

“The approach is actually two-fold,” notes inventor Nathan Cohen, "and includes using the proximity of the body as a plus rather than a minus, or using fractal metamaterials to remove the presence of the body entirely. This approach combines with our well-known ability to make antennas smaller and wideband for a perfect match."

The new approach relies on patented fractal antenna and fractal resonator (metamaterial) technology that the company created and has innovated for over 15 years. Fractals are complex geometric shapes built up from a multifold use of a simple shape.

FRACTAL Stickem’s replace many uses of stubby and whip antennas, and can be perfectly hidden from view. They free up movement in many demanding situations and environments. Other body-worn antennas, by comparison, are narrow band, large, and cumbersome.

The firm notes first-use applications in defense related efforts and expects certain designs to be devoted exclusively to government customers. Immediate applications fall into police and fire; hiking; and sports arenas.

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