TomTec introduces new version of 2D cardiac performance analysis software

18 August 2010

TomTec has launched a new version of its 2D Cardiac Performance Analysis (2D CPA) package as part of its Image-Arena multimodality imaging solution.

The software allows a cardiologist to study the behaviour of the heart muscle even quicker and easier due to improved handling. Quantitative assessment of displacement, velocity, strain and strain rate according to the ASE 16 segments model is available.

This helps in diagnosing pathologies like hypertrophic cardiomyopathy or also dyssynchronous ventricles that might have to be treated by cardiac resynchronisation therapy.

2D Cardiac Performance Analysis is a speckle tracking based analysis tool which can analyze 2D data from various ultrasound machines. The user can work with different ultrasound systems in his network and is not limited to specific vendors.

“2D Cardiac Performance Analysis runs within TomTec’s Image-Arena environment which provides connectivity to multivendor Echo labs. This solution is user oriented and fulfills the demands of cardiologists towards a simplified workflow!” said Frank Schlau, TomTec’s Chief Marketing Officer.


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