Ion Torrent licences DNA Electronics technology

13 August 2010

DNA Electronics Ltd, a developer of semiconductor systems for nucleic acid detection, has signed a non-exclusive, worldwide license agreement to provide Ion Torrent, a semiconductor sequencing company, access to DNA Electronics’ intellectual property. No further details about the agreement were disclosed.

DNA Electronics Founder and CEO Prof. Chris Toumazou FRS, said, “I’ve always believed that if you could apply just a fraction of semiconductor technology to healthcare, you can begin to make major innovations. Those innovations are now very near on the horizon, and the great work that DNA Electronics has been doing positions our company to play a key role in this coming healthcare revolution. I am delighted that Ion Torrent is pioneering semiconductor sequencing, and I believe this will bring about a new semiconductor revolution in the Life Sciences and Healthcare industries.”

DNA Electronics has developed scalable semiconductor solutions for real-time nucleic acid detection. The company’s IP portfolio includes techniques for monitoring nucleotide insertions using solid-state biosensors on standard CMOS chip technology, enabling label-free electronic DNA sequencing and diagnostics platforms. It has developed the Genalysis platform of disposable silicon chip-based solutions for real-time nucleic acid sequence detection at the point of care, providing end users with technology as yet unavailable outside a laboratory.


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