Welch Allyn launches handheld digital blood pressure device to world markets

21 Oct 2010

Welch Allyn has introduced the Connex ProBP 3400, an automated digital blood pressure device designed to fit in the palm of the hand.

It provides a portable option for capturing reliable blood pressure readings in virtually any hospital or primary care environment.

“In today’s demanding healthcare environment, providers sometimes need a single, simple and easy-to-use blood pressure device that can capture readings quickly, easily and accurately,” said Lari Shreffler, global product marketing manager.

“Our new Connex ProBP handheld digital blood pressure device measures on inflation, providing the speed and accuracy typically found in trusted devices caregivers use every day. Its versatility and intuitive design help providers avoid many of the situations that can lead to inaccurate measurements.”

High blood pressure is a major cause of heart disease, stroke, and dementia, so blood pressure is one of the most common vital signs clinicians measure every day. However, when using traditional manual devices, improper technique can lead to wide variations in blood pressure readings, which could potentially affect assessment.

Because it works with the push of a button, and uses technology from proven multiparameter devices, clinicians can have confidence that the readings they receive are consistently accurate — which helps them deliver better diagnoses.

“Since it’s easy to operate yet maintains accuracy, the Connex ProBP may be used as a reliable replacement to traditional blood pressure gauges,” added Shreffler. “The mercury- and latex-free Connex ProBP is safe for patients and the environment, and its Bluetooth wireless or USB cable-wired connectivity capabilities dramatically reduce the amount of time it takes to capture readings and transfer them to records, which means providers have more time to spend with their patients.”

The Connex ProBP is small enough to be comfortably hand carried, but can also be wheeled on a mobile stand or secured to the wall. Like the new Welch Allyn Connex Vital Sign Monitor, the Connex ProBP is compatible with the complete range of FlexiPort cuff sizes for quick and easy cuff changes and to help reduce the risk and cost of cross contamination. It also features a rechargeable lithium ion battery that stays charged for at least 100 readings, and has been tested to last 150,000 cycles, meaning fewer interruptions to patient care. The device also retains up to 50 readings in its memory.


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