Siemens mammography software combines multiple imaging types on single workstation

4 Oct 2010

The latest version of Syngo Mammo Report, the mammography workstation from Siemens,
for the first time combines tomosynthesis, 3D ultrasound and 3D magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) with 2D mammography.

This enables breast care specialists to interpret images from various examinations of one patient at a glance.

When mammography indicates a lump in the breast, radiologists often have to use additional imaging methods to acquire a detailed diagnosis. To assess the various images from ultrasound, MRI, and mammography systems, there is usually a dedicated workstation for each.

The latest version of the mammography workstation Syngo Mammo Report from Siemens enables radiologists to display images from different examinations simultaneously. In addition to saving time, the direct comparison of results allows for a more comprehensive diagnosis.

Furthermore, Syngo Mammo Report supports 3D applications for ultrasound, mammography, and MRI. Three-dimensional imaging techniques are becoming increasingly important in the early detection of breast cancer, particularly for patients with dense breast tissue or with a family history of breast cancer.

Syngo Mammo Report also allows users to read images from other vendors' imaging systems. Moreover, the workstation can be integrated into the radiology information systems of different
departments, such as the breast centre or the radiology department.

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