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Study finds blood pressure measurement errors in 93% of patients
A study at the University of New Mexico on the way clinicians measure blood pressure in patients has found an average of four mistakes in technique per patient, compared to AHA guidelines, and errors in 93% of patients. 21 Dec 2011

Fifty years of ibuprofen celebrated at BioCity Nottingham
Ibuprofen, the family pain medicine which is now one of the world’s best known medicines, was discovered fifty years ago by a team of Nottingham-based scientists. 21 Dec 2011

TLT targets UK for hi-tech manufacturing base for revolutionary optical blood pressure sensor
Tarilian Laser Technologies, developer of a revolutionary optoelectronic sensor for measuring blood pressure, has announced that it will build manufacturing capabilities for sensor-based devices in-house at its Welwyn Garden City headquarters. 21 Dec 2011

FDA sued over lack of response on safety of nanomaterials in consumer products
A coalition of consumer safety and environmental groups has sued the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) today over the health and environmental risks of nanotechnology and nanomaterials in consumer products. 21 Dec 2011

Better treatment for underactive thyroid is focus of EU-funded study
The Thyroid Hormone Replacement for Subclinical Hypo-Thyroidism Trial is investigating current treatment practices for people who suffer from a mildly underactive thyroid gland. 21 Dec 2011

Morphology of nanoparticles is critical to their biological interactions
Southampton University researchers have shown that the morphology of nanoparticles is critical to the way they interact with endothelial cells. 21 Dec 2011

New technique to count individual DNA and RNA molecules in a complex sample
Researchers at the Karolinska Institutet in Sweden have developed a new method for counting molecules using high-throughput sequencers that can read millions of short DNA strands in parallel. 21 Dec 2011

Alzheimer’s disease produces chemical markers years before symptoms show
These indicators can be analysed by a simple biochemical analysis of a blood serum and used to complement a neurocognitive assessment by a doctor. 18 Dec 2011

Artificial skin-making technology for sale following collapse of developer
The Ideas Studio, which has gone into liquidation, developed an automated manufacturing process for Smart Matrix, an artificial skin product owned by the Restoration of Appearance and Function Trust. 18 Dec 2011

EyeBrain’s eye-tracker used in study of levodopa treatment for Parkinson's
EyeBrain Tracker is being used in a clinical trial studying the dyskinesia induced by treating patients suffering from idiopathic Parkinson’s disease with levodopa. 18 Dec 2011

Alliance Medical unveils new strategy
The company has developed a new strategic vision focusing on its belief in the importance of “intelligent imaging”. 18 Dec 2011

Cancer Research Center of Languedoc-Roussillon starts TrueBeam radiotherapy
A 19-year-old brain tumour patient has become the first person in France to be treated using the TrueBeam radiotherapy treatment system from Varian Medical Systems. 18 Dec 2011

Entra Health's wireless blood glucose meter aids home diabetes management
Entra Health Systems has announced the integration of the company's MyGlucoHealth Wireless blood glucose metre with the recently unveiled 2net Platform from Qualcomm Life Inc. 18 Dec 2011

Strategies to study lifestyle and genetic factors related to chronic diseases
A group of scientists has examined the challenges associated with chronic inflammatory diseases, and described 10 key areas with the highest priority for research. 13 Dec 2011

EIB, EIF and EC launch facility to help technology-based SMEs get loans for RDI
The new risk-sharing instrument for SMEs will be managed by the EIF. In addition, the EIB and the European Commission are to provide extra financial resources for research infrastructures. Read on to find out what all the acronyms mean... 12 Dec 2012

UK Future Technologies Fund backs SEP IV to support high technology businesses
The UK Future Technologies Fund has committed to SEP IV, the latest fund managed by Scottish Equity Partners continuing the support of the European Investment Fund. 12 Dec 2012

IBM contributes massive chemical database to US NIH to speed drug discovery
The database of chemical data extracted from millions of patents and scientific literature will allow researchers to more easily visualize important relationships among chemical compounds to aid in drug discovery and support advanced cancer research. 9 Dec 2011

Microvisk wins Healthcare Project of the Year after visitors queue up at Medica
Microvisk Technologies has scooped the Award at the BioNoW Biomedical Awards. It follows the highly successful introduction of the company's CoagMax and CoagLite devices at Medica. 9 Dec 2011

UK government needs stronger focussed support for life sciences and medtech sectors
After a week with a stream of messages from the government outlining support for business investment and technology companies, especially in the life sciences and healthcare, it seems there is still a lack of clear policy for support. 7 Dec 2011

Microsulis Medical’s ablation device used in first microwave assisted robotic liver resection
Microsulis Medical Ltd’s high powered, percutaneous microwave needle has become the first ablation device to play a crucial role in a liver resection using the da Vinci Surgical System. 7 Dec 2011

Philips HealWell lighting system improves sleep for cardiac patients in hospital
Patients in rooms with a new lighting system sleep better, according to research on the effect of light on the sleep-wake rhythm of cardiac patients. 7 Dec 2011

Visual Acuity advises on 3D image display  for Mummy: the inside story tour
For this new tour, The British Museum deployed advanced 3D imaging technologies to reveal the secrets inside the mummy of Nesperennub, an ancient Egyptian priest. 6 Dec 2011

Panasonic’s CardioHealth Station provides early diagnosis in primary care
The ultrasound device is designed to assist medical professionals in making a quick and valuable assessment of cardiovascular health. 6 Dec 2011

Red Bag Solutions unveils ozone sterilization and maceration (OSM) system for bio-hazardous waste management
On-site OSM processing eliminates the potential liability associated with spills and mishandling during transport because OSM-processed material is guaranteed safe before it leaves the premises. 6 Dec 2011

iQ-MOBILITY displays world’s first portable radiology greyscale reading station
iQ-MOBILITY enables radiologists to perform multimodality readings of diagnostic images from any location. 6 Dec 2011

BD launches a new generation of disposable auto-injectors
BD Medical has launched the BD Physioject disposable auto-injector. for self-injection of drugs by patients suffering from chronic diseases. 6 Dec 2011

AstraZeneca gives 22 drug compounds for research at UK universities
Astra Zeneca and the UK Medical Research Council have reached a landmark agreement that gives UK universities free access to 22 of the company's compounds with pharmaceutical potential. 5 Dec 2011

TSB announces £8.5m grants to fourteen projects to boost regenerative medicine
The UK Technology Strategy Board has announced that fourteen commercially-focused research and development projects that will lead to innovation in regenerative medicines are to benefit from nearly £8.5 million of UK government funding. 5 Dec 2011

UK government announces £90m new funds for life sciences commercialisation
Prime Minister David Cameron has announced a package of support for the UK’s leading life science companies and academia to enable them to move more quickly from discovery to commercialisation. 5 Dec 2011

NHS NIHR to fund development of new medical devices — apply by 7 Dec 2011
The NHS National Institute for Health research has launched a call for proposals to develop innovative healthcare products for the improvement of diagnosis, treatment and prevention of disease in the NHS. 3 Dec 2011

Systagenix Wound Management adds two directors to board
Systagenix Wound Management has announced the appointments of Oern Stuge, CEO of ORSCO Life Sciences AG,. and Jack Wilkens, EO of RevDia, as members of the company’s Board of Directors. 3 Dec 2011

NTAC launches online tool to accelerate adoption of new technology in NHS
The NHS Technology Adoption Centre (NTAC), has launched the Generic Adoption Process to provides a roadmap, along with the required tools to enable proven medical technologies to be adopted. 3 Dec 2011

Salford Royal hospital improves its imaging facilities with new X-ray system
Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust has installed an Ysio wi-D digital radiography system from Siemens Healthcare in its new accident and emergency department. 3 Dec 2011

ORCA Therapeutics gets €5m innovation credit for prostate cancer compound
The credit is from the Dutch government agency Agentschap NL  to support development of ORCA's  lead compound ORCA-010 for prostate cancer. 3 Dec 2011

Holoxica creates 3D hologram of human liver for cancer treatment
The achievement paves the way for a breakthrough in the way surgeons plan liver operations to remove tumours. 3 Dec 2011

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