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A+PSA test gives better results in testing for prostate cancer
A new test for prostate cancer that measures levels of prostate specific antigen (PSA) as well as six specific antibodies found in the blood of men with the disease was more sensitive and more specific than the conventional PSA test. 31 May 2011

Gated CT scan could predict risk of early death in diabetes patients
A common test using a CT scan to determine calcified plaque levels in the coronary artery may be useful in predicting early death in individuals with diabetes. 31 May 2011

Drug may reduce bad memories
Recalling painful memories while under the influence of the drug metyrapone reduces the brain’s ability to re-record the negative emotions associated with them. 31 May 2011

ProBioGen and Life Technologies launch cell line development kit
The kit was built for developing stable high yield production cell lines in less than 4 months, and is based on Life Technologies’ CHO-S Cells. 27 May 2011

MRI with real-time 3D ultrasound enables targeted biopsy of prostate cancer
A team at University of California Los Angeles has fused two imaging types, MRI with real-time 3D ultrasound, to  provide an exacting method to obtain biopsy specimens from the prostate for testing for cancer. 26 May 2011

COCIR publishes position paper on innovation in healthcare
The paper, Towards an innovation-driven healthcare model,gives an industry perspective on the opportunities and challenges innovation-driven healthcare presents. 26 May 2011

Clinical trial to evaluate combination regimen of  recombinant human interleukin-7to treat metastatic breast cancer. 26 May 2011

TxCell receives approval for extension of phase I/II clinical trial in Crohn’s Disease. 26 May 2011

Gut mucus component helps protect from parasitic worms
A component of gut mucus present in some people plays a crucial role in expelling parasitic intestinal worms. It could be the reason why some people can recover from infection better. 26 May 2011

New link between diet and lifespan
A new role for a biological pathway that not only signals the body's metabolic response to nutritional changes, but also affects lifespan has been identified. 25 May 2011

Radar on a chip helps prevent Sudden Infant Death Syndrome
Researchers at the Tyndall National Institute, University College Cork, have developed a microchip sensor incorporating a radar that can detect a person’s respiratory rate remotely. 25 May 2011

Two Fold Software enhances Run Manager LIMS software
Two Fold Software Limited has enhanced the interface design and user friendliness of the Run Manager software module of its Qualoupe system. 19 May 2011

Brainlab HybridArc software for radiosurgery gains US clearance
The software increases the efficiency of existing Linac radiosurgery hardware and offers fast, high precision volumetric arc radiosurgery treatment. 19 May 2011

Isansys Lifecare launches LifeTouch body-worn wireless cardiac monitor
UK company Isansys Lifecare Limited has launched the LifeTouch HRV011, a cardiac monitor that adheres to the patient’s body and analyses the ECG signal of the patient's heartbeat in unprecedented detail. 19 May 2011

IBA and Philips partner to create patient-centric proton therapy centres
The design of the centres focuses on the emotional and physical aspects of patient care, with the patient surrounded by light, image and sound, making the treatment experience as soothing and transparent as possible. 19 May 2011

European Conference for Clinical Nanomedicine
The 4th European Conference for Clinical Nanomedicine is taking place from 23 to 25 May, 2011 in Basel, Switzerland, and will focus on the clinical application of novel developments in nanosciences.  19 May 2011

UK government invests £3.7m in seven personalised medicine projects
The UK Technology Strategy Board and the Medical Research Council (MRC) are to jointly invest over £3.7 million in seven major new research projects into personalised medicine.  19 May 2011

New marker for prostate cancer gives hope for more accurate diagnosis than PSA test
Researchers at Uppsala University have discovered a promising new marker for diagnosing prostate cancer. Their unique method could lead to more reliable diagnoses and fewer unnecessary operations. 18 May 2011

Theralpha and Flamel Technologies partner to develop long-acting analgesic peptide
French drug development company Theralpha SAS has entered into a joint development program with US drug delivery Flamel Technologies for a Medusa-enabled, long-acting formulation of Theralpha's THA-902. 18 May 2011

New prostate cancer drug discovered by ICR approved by FDA
A drug for treating metastatic prostate cancer discovered at The ICR has been approved by the US FDA. Abiraterone acetate was invented by Professor Mike Jarman and his colleagues at the Cancer Research UK Cancer Therapeutics Unit. 18 May 2011

Welsh surgeon's invention improves recovery from shoulder surgery
A South Wales orthopaedic surgeon has turned his invention into a marketable medical device with the help of Leeds-based medical device manufacturer, Xiros. 17 May 2011

Almac introduces selectAZyme biocatalyst range
Almac's selectAZyme brand of biocatalysts adds to its large range of enzymes and provide an alternative solution for solving complex chemistry problems due to their rapid implementation, economic benefits and 'green' reputation. 17 May 2011

Queen’s Medical Centre, Nottingham, unveils latest SPECT/CT gamma camera
Queen’s Medical Centre has installed a state-of-the-art system for nuclear medicine, the Philips BrightView XCT SPECT/CT gamma camera. 17 May 2011

Malaria vaccine trial starts in Burkina Faso
Trials of a new candidate malaria vaccine GMZ2 have begun in Burkia Faso. The vaccine is a hybrid malaria vaccine composed of merozoite surface protein (MSP3) and glutamate rich protein (GLURP). 17 May 2011

Telemis delivers dual-modality PET/CT imaging direct to desktop
Belgian comany Telemis has released new software for its medical image-management system, which provides a full-featured dual-modality PET/CT viewer on any PC across any hospital using Telemis software. 17 May 2011

Aperio to market Definiens Tissue Studio for advanced image analysis
Definiens Tissue Studio will be integrated into Aperio’s applications framework and accessible through its Spectrum information management system to expand the existing suite of image analysis tools. 17 May 2011

Safety of European medical devices regulation questioned
An investigation by the BMJ and UK TV company Channel 4 questions whether the European safety regulations for medical devices protect patients adequately and calls for tighter regulatory controls. 16 May 2011

Lack of device and system interoperability limiting use of personal health technology
Failure to address interoperability has been identified as a major challenge for the growing personal health solutions market, according to a report by the SmartPersonalHealth project. 4 May 2011

Humans have just three types of gut bacteria populations
Every person’s intestinal system falls into one of three clearly distinguishable types of gut microbiota, comparable to blood types. These types are not related to race, native country or diet, according to a new study on human microbe genetics published in Nature. 4 May 2011

Xpert test for TB proven fast and effective in developing country settings
The effectiveness of the Cepheid Xpert MTB/RIF test for tuberculosis and rifampicin resistance in realistic healthcare field conditions has been reported in a study in The Lancet. 4 May 2011

Antibody injection could limit inflammation damage from heart attacks and strokes
A simple injection of an antibody could limit the devastating inflammatory response following restoration of blood supply after heart attacks and strokes. 3 May 2011

Clear strategies and recommendations needed for biomaterials banks for research
Two German Senate Commissions have concluded that: biomaterial banks are an indispensable resource for biomedical research; they are of great importance to the quality and competitiveness of German research; and it is important that clear strategies and recommendations exist for Germany. 3 May 2011

New compound halts progression of multiple sclerosis
A new class of highly selective compounds that effectively suppresses the severity of multiple sclerosis in animal models has been developed by the Scripps Research Institute in Florida. 3 May 2011

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