ProBioGen and Life Technologies launch cell line development kit

27 May 2011

ProBioGen AG and Life Technologies Corporation have launched the new Freedom CHO-S Kit as the result of a successful co-development. The kit was built for developing stable high yield production cell lines in less than 4 months, and is based on Life Technologies’ CHO-S Cells.

The Freedom CHO-S Kit platform enables end-users the cost- and time-efficient creation of stable cell lines for research and commercial purposes. The kit’s applicability and efficiency was confirmed in several studies, in which antibody titers of 1 to 3 g/L have been obtained.

About the Freedom CHO-S Kit
The Freedom CHO-S Kit includes all major components to complete the cell line development work flow: cGMP banked CHO-S cells, a cloning vector for two genes, transfection reagent, competent cells, serum-free cell culture media and reagents. With this kit it is possible to go from transfection to lead clone in less than 4 months. Research use rights are granted upon kit purchase.

A full documentation package is provided as part of a commercial use license. The package includes the cell line’s lineage as well as the history and the parental cGMP testing results.

Source: ProBioGen AG


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