COCIR publishes position paper on innovation in healthcare

26 May 2011

COCIR, a Brussels-based trade association representing the medical devices and healthcare IT industry, has launched its Position Paper Towards an innovationdriven
healthcare model
to give an industry perspective on the opportunities and challenges innovation-driven healthcare presents.

The Position Paper follows from the European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing and sets out the industry’s expectations for an innovation-friendly healthcare future in Europe both on how to support the development of innovative technologies and by helping these technologies come to market faster.

COCIR member companies are constantly developing highly innovative
technologies, from medical imaging to healthcare IT solutions which all
have the potential to transform healthcare systems towards a more
patientcentric approach and keep pace with society’s rapidlyevolving
healthcare challenges. Our industry is one of the leading sectors in
Europe for R&D, investing around 8% of annual revenue.

COCIR Secretary General, Nicole Denjoy said, “Innovative medical
technologies and healthcare IT have always been a major driving force in the quest to increase healthcare quality, efficiency and productivity.

However, all too often they are seen as a cost rather than an opportunity for society. We are hope this Position Paper will contribute to creating a proactive ‘innovation pull’ from users and maximise the transformational effect of technology on healthcare delivery, bringing benefits to patients and the economy sooner.”

The paper is available at:

Source: COCIR


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