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Europe could save 135,000 lives a year through better cardiovascular care
A pan-European study of cardio-vascular diseases has found that up to 135,000 deaths could be prevented in Europe each year through better control of risk factors. 20 April 2011

SurgiVision's MRI-compatible cannula wins FDA clearance
SurgiVision, Inc has receieved FDA aproval for its SmartFlow neuro ventricular cannula, an MRI-compatible injection and aspiration cannula for use in the brain. 20 April 2011

Bruker expands Ascend series of NMR magnets
Bruker has announced new models for its Ascend series of higher performance and compact NMR magnets, now covering a range from 400 MHz to 850 MHz. 20 April 2011

European partners to develop nanocarriers to treat inflammatory bowel diseases
The Delivering Nano-pharmaceuticals through Biological Barriers project (BIBA) involves eight partners in France, Germany, Spain and Switzerland. 20 April 2011

New method for detecting and monitoring virus infections in cells
Scientists at the US Naval Research Laboratory have developed a technique that attaches a fluorescent dye to virus RNA and uses standard flow cytometry techniques to monitor the virus activity. 20 April 2011

Roche and Lonza in distribution agreement for rapid mycoplasma testing solutions
Roche and Lonza have entered into a co-exclusive distribution agreement for the commercialization of Roche’s MycoTOOL mycoplasma PCR assays. 20 April 2011

French health insurer awards Healthways contract to manage diabetes nationwide
France’s Caisse Nationale d'Assurance Maladie des Travailleurs Salariés (CNAMTS) has awarded US company Healthways in partnership with French consulting firm Altran a contract to expand services for CNAMTS’ Sophia program. 20 April 2011

Omron Healthcare wins iF design awards for blood pressure monitors
Omron Healthcare Co., has won both the iF Product Design Award and Universal Design Award for its blood pressure monitors M6 and M6 Comfort. 19 April 2011

Sheffield Precision Medical expands production
Orthopaedic device manufacturer Sheffield Precision Medical Ltd (SPML) has expanded production following record interest in its services. 19 April 2011

The status of molecular radiotherapy in the UK — new report from BIR
A new report from The British Institute of Radiology (BIR) provides an overview of the current practice of molecular radiotherapy (MRT) in UK hospitals, both in respect of the availability of treatments and the range of doses delivered. 19 April 2011

IBA takes 25% stake in German radiopharmaceuticals supplier PET Net
Belgian company Ion Beam Applications (IBA) S.A. has taken a minority stake in PET Net GmbH and PET Net Solutions AG, providers of PET radiopharmaceuticals to nuclear medicine facilities in Germany. 19 April 2011

3D polymer scaffold for cell cultureCells cultured on 3-D scaffolds
Researchers at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) have developed three-dimensional structures on which they can culture cells. The scaffold includes anchors to which cells can adhere and enables the parameters of the cell culture to be controlled. 14 April 2011 Deutsch

Amniochip detects 150 genetic syndromes from amniotic fluid
Genetadi Biotech has developed a prenatal diagnostic device that has a diagnostic resolution 100 times greater than common cytogenetic techniques. 14 April 2011

Novel therapeutic approach to fighting inflammation
A new approach to certain inflammatory reactions uses guidance molecules to reduce the body's own immune system to the required level and prevent excessive and damaging inflammation.

GE Healthcare and Steris Corporation extend collaboration
GE Healthcare has renewed its collaboration with Steris Corporation to continue offering interventional suites optimized with products from both companies. 14 April 2011

University Hospitals Zurich installs first Philips hybrid OR with Flexmove
University Hospital Zurich has become the first in the world to install the Philips Hybrid OR with FlexMove, a ceiling-mounted option for the Allura Xper X-ray system, designed to optimize workflow in Hybrid ORs. 14 April 2011

Biohit launches automated pipetting tool
Biohit has launched a new type of tool for automated pipetting to meet the demand for automated liquid handling in laboratories. 14 April 2011

Almac opens CLIA registered laboratory
Almac has announced the opening of its CLIA registered laboratory in Northern Ireland. Almac says this supports the its ongoing biomarker discovery and development strategy by enabling the use of novel tests to stratify and enrich prospective clinical trails.

Protagen to use UNIarray platform to discover MS biomarkers for Biogen
Dortmund-based Protagen AG, a specialist in in-vitro diagnostics and GMP-compliant protein analysis, has announced that it will be using the UNIarray Platform to help discover biomarkers in relapsing remitting multiple sclerosis for Biogen Idec, Inc. 14 April 2011

Novartis completes merger with Alcon
Alcon will be a new division in Novartis and the second biggest in the company after Pharmaceuticals. The division will be headed by Kevin Buehler, former chief executive of Alcon. 13 April 2011

A beating cardiac cellSimple method turns blood cells into virus-free beating heart cells
A simplified, cheaper, all-purpose method that can safely turn blood cells into heart cells has been developed at Johns Hopkins University in the US. The method is virus-free and produces heart cells that beat with nearly 100% efficiency. 12 April 2011

Lab-on-chip analyses single molecules of DNA
The Micro- and Nano- engineering Unit at CIC microGUNE in Spain has developed a lab-on-chip device that can analyse the sequence of single strands of DNA. It could greatly simplify gene sequencing. 12 April 2011. En Español

Plasmids help antibiotic resistance to travel between bacteria species
The part of bacterial DNA that often carries antibiotic resistance can move between different types of bacteria and adapt to widely differing bacterial species. 12 April 2011

IPODD project discusses progress with inflammatory bowel disease
Experts from 11 countries are gathering in Rome this week (April 13-16) to discuss innovative strategies for studying and treating inflammatory bowel diseases (IBDs). 12 April 2011

UK population deficient in iodine
The UK population could be iodine-deficient according to a new study of teenage girls. Iodine deficiency can affect brain development and result in lower IQ. 12 April 2011

Selvita to provide computational chemistry services for US Institutes for Pharmaceutical Discovery
Krakow-based Selvita has signed an agreement with US drug discovery company the Institutes for Pharmaceutical Discovery (IPD) to provide computational chemistry services related to a novel protein target. 11 April 2011

High temperature glueable chip resistors for non-magnetic electronics
Northumberland company TT electronics has produced chip resistors optimised for use with conductive adhesives. 11 April 2011

Trial results for MycAssay Pneumocystis kit published
UK medical diagnostics company Myconostica, has announced the publication of a multicentre prospective trial of its CE marked kit, MycAssay Pneumocystis. 11 April 2011

QUB and Almac discover natural protein with anti-angiogenic activity
Scientists from Queen’s University Belfast and Almac have announced the first publication describing a potential new anti-angiogenic therapy based on a natural protein first discovered at QUB. 11 April 2011

CIT launches LeadScreen services for drug candidate selection
French contract research organization CIT has announced a new range of services for companies developing new drugs. 11 April 2011

Oncodesign offers patient-derived colorectal tumour models for drug development
Dijon-based Oncodesign is offering what it claims is the world’s most comprehensive collection of human colorectal cancer models directly developed from patient’s tumours. 11 April 2011

British Lung Foundation and Philips Respironics to raise awareness of obstructive sleep apnoea
UK charity, The British Lung Foundation and Philips Respironics, have partnered to create a three year programme that aims to raise public awareness and improve diagnosis of obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA). 11 April 2011

Avacta Analytical signs distribution agreement with DKSH Japan
Avacta Group plc has signed an exclusive agreement for the distribution of Optim, its low volume protein analysis system, with DKSH Japan. 11 April 2011

IBM's MRSA-fighting nanotechnology marks century of healthcare innovation
IBM’s announcement of the first biodegradable nanoparticles that can seek out and destroy drug-resistant bacteria caps off a century of healthcare and life sciences innovation from IBM. 11 April 2011

Digirad launches Ergo solid state nuclear medicine camera
Digirad has launched the Ergo, a new range of solid-state, nuclear medicine cameras. In the UK it is available from Southern Scientific. 11 April 2011

Randox biochip detects up to 97 drug metabolites simultaneously
Northern Irish company Randox Laboratories has developed biochip array technology that allows clinicians to detect up to 97 drug metabolites from one sample simultaneously. 4 April 2011

Movea markets 9-axis inertial measurement device for health and sports
Grenoble-based Movea has developed a wireless, miniaturised, inertial measurement unit (IMU) that uses MEMS sensors to accurately measure nine degree-of-freedom motion with a PCB module that is about the size of a small wristwatch. 4 April 2011

Olympus Surgical Technologies Europe takes over Olympus Surgical UK
Hamburg-based Olympus Surgical Technologies Europe has taken over Olympus Surgical UK, the fifth company to join the expanding corporate network. 4 April 2011

Photoacoustic system images structural, molecular and functional properties of tumours simultaneously
VisualSonics has launched the Vevo LAZR Photoacoustics Imaging system that enables pre-clinical researchers to visualize structural, molecular and functional attributes of tumors simultaneously. 4 April 2011

Esaote International NV and Pie Medical Imaging acquire 3mensio
Esaote International NV has taken over 3mensio Medical Imaging BV which has merged with Pie Medical Imaging BV (PMI), a company of the Esaote group. 4 April 2011

IBM and IBN develop biodegradable polymers that detect and destroy MRSA
Researchers from IBM and the Institute of Bioengineering and Nanotechnology in Singapore have discovered new types of polymers that physically detect and destroy antibiotic-resistant bacteria and infectious diseases such as MRSA. 4 April 2011

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