SurgiVision's MRI-compatible cannula wins FDA clearance

20 April 2011

SurgiVision, Inc has receieved FDA aproval for its SmartFlow neuro ventricular cannula, an MRI-compatible injection and aspiration cannula for use in the brain. It is compatible with SurgiVision’s ClearPoint system.

Using the new SmartFlow cannula with the ClearPoint system, neurosurgeons can select a neurological target, navigate the SmartFlow cannula to the target and observe the delivery of the therapeutic agent, all under intra-procedural MRI guidance. Other features of the SmartFlow cannula include a multi-step tip design to help prevent reflux along the cannula shaft.

“The medical community is continuing to find therapeutic agents that hold great promise in treating various CNS disorders, however many of these agents will require precision delivery, direct into a small neuro target,” said Kimble Jenkins, CEO of SurgiVision. “It is our hope that SurgiVision’s expanding range of products in interventional MRI could help fill this need and lead to better therapies for patients.”


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