Olympus Surgical Technologies Europe takes over Olympus Surgical UK

4 April 2011

Hamburg-based Olympus Surgical Technologies Europe has taken over Olympus Surgical UK, the fifth company to join the expanding corporate network.

A total of 1,100 employees with external sales of 450 million euros are now working in three countries for the corporate network.

“The umbrella brand of Olympus Surgical, which was created one year ago, is very successful,” says Heinz Jacqui, Managing Director of Olympus Surgical Technologies Europe. “Our responsibility for promising areas such as electrosurgery strengthens the position of our company but also that of Germany as a location for medical technology on the international market.”

The new addition of Olympus Surgical UK has become well-known through its ‘see and treat’ solutions in the field of minimally invasive surgery. In this pioneering role, Olympus Surgical UK supplies a product platform for diagnostics and therapy and during the actual treatment relies on a technique known as PK technology, an electrosurgical procedure in which the wound created is sealed again instantly in the same process step. The Welsh company employees 250 people.

“Olympus Surgical UK is a significant gain for our group of companies,“ says Heinz Jacqui. “Electrosurgery is one of the most successful fields of application in medical technology because the operations performed with such techniques are gentler on the patient and help to save costs due to the fewer complications. Olympus Surgical UK perfectly complements our existing range of products and services and makes us a global pioneer in this promising field for the future.“

 A total of 1,100 people are employed at the locations of Hamburg, Teltow near Berlin and Tuttlingen in Germany as well as Přerov in the Czech Republic and Cardiff in Wales.

Olympus Surgical Technologies Europe was founded by Olympus on 1 April 2010 as a network of specialists in minimally invasive diagnostics and therapy. Olympus Surgical is focusing on the formation of a European Group of companies in order to ensure its ongoing future growth and to extend its position in the field of minimally invasive diagnostics and therapy.


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