Omron Healthcare wins iF design awards for blood pressure monitors

19 April 2011

Omron Healthcare Co., has won both the iF Product Design Award and Universal Design Award for its blood pressure monitors M6 and M6 Comfort.

The iF Product design Award, presented by the Hannover-based International Forum Design GmbH, is one of the world’s most prestigious design awards. Products are rated on uniqueness, innovation, appearance, usefulness and eco-friendliness as well as performance, quality and price.

The Universal Design Awards, hosted by the Universal Design Association evaluates fairness, flexibility, safety, ease-of-use and price.

Omron Healthcare's Intellisense technology, as featured in the award-winning M6 series, aims to simplify home blood pressure monitoring. A symbol on the display provides confirmation that the cuff has been wrapped tightly enough.

The integrated pressure control system allows for optimal speed and pressure thereby ensuring comfortable measurements while the dual check system eliminates any doubt of incorrect readings and assures the user of accurate results by way of two sensors.

To help people interpret their readings a blood pressure level indicator shows if the readings are within the recommended guidelines by the World Health Organization. In addition, the M6 Comfort has a pre-formed cuff fitting medium and large arms with ease and comfort. Both blood pressure monitors are clinically validated.


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