Digirad launches Ergo solid state nuclear medicine camera

11 April 2011

Digirad has launched the Ergo, a new range of solid-state, nuclear medicine cameras. In the UK it is available from Southern Scientific.

ERGO is a highly-portable, large-field-of-view, general purpose gamma camera that represents a new generation of nuclear medicine imaging using state-of-the-art, solid-state technology to provide levels of performance that will transform nuclear imaging.

The camera has a 31.1cm x 39.4cm (12.25in x 15.5in) field of view, intrinsic spatial resolution of 3.25mm, energy resolution of 7.9% and a count rate capability greater than 5Mcps. Compared with conventional systems, it delivers improved image contrast and clarity, higher levels of clinical performance, increased reliability and greater flexibility for all general imaging applications. The result is increased patient throughput and a higher return on investment.

The ergonomic open-gantry design offers unparalleled positional flexibility, while the laptop-based acquisition workstation (AWS) operates from either side of the camera. Five high performance collimators, including pin-hole, are available with storage cart. An on-board uninterruptable power supply provides 30 minutes backup in the event of power failure.

ERGO is only 68.6cm (27in) wide, weighs just 199kg (438lbs) and is fitted with low-profile wheels that make it easy to manoeuvre through narrow corridors. It is therefore possible to use the system in virtually any room or department however remote.

ERGO is aimed at departments seeking to add to or replace fixed or mobile cameras with a more versatile, higher-performance camera and is ideal for static, dynamic and gated planar studies.


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