University Hospitals Zurich installs first Philips hybrid OR with Flexmove

14 April 2011

University Hospital Zurich has become the first in the world to install the Philips Hybrid OR with FlexMove — a ceiling-mounted option for the Allura Xper X-ray system, designed to optimize workflow in Hybrid ORs.

A Hybrid OR is the integration of a surgical operating room with an advanced X-ray imaging system. This enables cardiovascular surgeons as well as interventionalists, to perform the most advanced minimally invasive procedures.

FlexMove allows healthcare personnel to:

  • Move the X-ray imaging system laterally and longitudinally to perform a wide range of procedures whilst causing hardly any interference in the provision of anesthesia or to staff. FlexMove’s full body coverage at both sides of the table supports complex hybrid and endovascular procedures without the need to pan the table;
  • Position the X-ray system in lateral stand-byposition for optimal access to the patient and move the system quickly in place when needed, or park it out of the way when not needed to create more room for other procedures;
  • Work within the rigorous sterility parameters of the Hybrid ORas the ceiling rails of FlexMove fit around a laminar air flow system. In addition, the FlexMove system does not touch the floor, which simplifies room layout and facilitates cleaning.

The launch of the FlexMove system coincides with the 50th anniversary of the University Hospital Zürich’s Scientific Meeting — a celebration of fifty years of excellence in cardiac surgery.

Further launches of FlexMove are planned later this year in Belgium, Germany, North America and the Republic of Ireland.


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