High temperature glueable chip resistors for non-magnetic electronics

11 April 2011

Northumberland company TT electronics has produced chip resistors optimised for use with conductive adhesives.

They maintain performance at high temperature up to 200°C and in applications such as hybrid microcircuits or medical MRI scanners where non-magnetic components must be used.

The GCR series glueable chip resistors are available in several variants, providing a choice of industry-standard EIA chip sizes down to 0805 and E24/E96 resistance values from 1 Ohm to 10 Ohms. Power ratings are from 0.125W in the 0805 size up to 1W in the 2512 package. Planar and wraparound terminations are available, featuring a choice of metallurgies including polymer-silver or gold with a nickel barrier for use in various environments and applications.

Conductive adhesive is preferred for assembling some types of hybrid microcircuits, non-magnetic electronics and equipment designed to operate at temperatures capable of melting ordinary solder. These include down-hole drilling equipment, as well as military, aerospace and automotive assemblies.

TT electronics GCR series resistors are compatible with most approved adhesives, and allow a mechanically strong bond with low electrical resistance. The resistors, when optionally supplied with no organic materials, are also suitable for applications requiring low outgassing, such as scientific equipment and space instruments.


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