Entra Health's wireless blood glucose meter aids home diabetes management

18 December 2011

Entra Health Systems has announced the integration of the company's MyGlucoHealth Wireless blood glucose metre with the recently unveiled 2net Platform from Qualcomm Life Inc.

 The new 2net Hub, a plug-and-play connectivity gateway into the 2net Platform's data centre, will allow MyGlucoHealth to provide a standalone home monitoring solution for assisted living, caregiver/home monitoring devices, as well as for use in diabetes-based fitness centres, hospitals and clinics.

"The 2net Platform opens up a broad range of markets for MyGlucoHealth Wireless technology," said Richard Strobridge, CEO of Entra Health. "It's a new opportunity that provides immediate interconnection between interactive devices within a homecare environment. The wireless link created by the 2net Hub allows a connected care team to receive real-time testing data, which the team can use to aid patients in better controlling their diabetes. MyGlucoHealth offers immediate feedback and resources to keep the patient connected and motivated to better manage their personal care and improve their lifestyle."

"Our engagement with Entra Health is bringing to life our vision for better connected care that can have a significant impact on the management of chronic disease," said Rick Valencia, vice president and general manager of Qualcomm Life. "MyGlucoHealth is engineered to enable the availability of important diabetes management information via the 2net Platform. It gives clinicians access to data that they can use in an effort to increase patient involvement, improve clinical outcomes and reduce the overall cost of chronic disease management."

"By collaborating with Qualcomm Life, MyGlucoHealth Wireless is now able to offer an affordable solution that connects patients with a wide range of healthcare resources," Strobridge added. "In the US, diabetes affects nearly 10% of the population and that percentage is significantly higher among elder Americans. In underserved rural and ethnic populations, diabetes is pervasive, grossly under monitored and extremely expensive to manage. In many cases, public health is paying for patient neglect and the lack of local care providers. We see the MyGlucoHealth/2net Platform integration as an unobtrusive means of extending the reach of clinicians into a patient's home or assisted living environment to provide better care and ultimately alleviate some unnecessary healthcare expenditures."

The MyGlucoHealth Wireless meter offers Bluetooth transmission of blood glucose testing to the 2net Hub. The Hub uploads results over the cellular network to a patient's secure online electronic journal. Test data can then be automatically integrated with a patient's electronic health record (EHR) or personal health record (PHR) to streamline clinical workflow and provide clinicians with data that can help identify potential issues. Persons with diabetes, clinicians and caregivers can also access test data through a mobile phone or the Web.


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