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Astra Tech Dental introduces online 3D Editor for dental prosthetics
Astra Tech Dental has introduced the Atlantis 3D Editor, a service that will further improve efficiency and turnaround time for customers using Atlantis patient-specific abutments. 29 Sept 2011

Uptake Medical's InterVapor system for emphysema wins EU approval
The InterVapor System was developed in response to the needs of patients with severe emphysema and is designed to directly target the hyperinflation in the lungs. 29 Sept 2011

Max Medical to show new range of diagnostic and monitoring devices at Medica 2011
Max Medical are displaying a range of new products at Medica in Dusseldorf in November, including first aid kits, blood glucose monitoring devices, and blood pressure monitors.

ECDA welcomes UN discussion on non-communicable diseases
The European Chronic Disease Alliance welcomes the UN High Level Meeting on Non Communicable Diseases to address the diseases that account for 86% of deaths and 77% of the disease burden in Europe. 27 Sept 2011

New method to 'disarm' HIV gives hope for development of vaccine
Removing cholesterol from the HIV membrane prevents it from damaging the immune system, according to research by Imperial College London and Johns Hopkins University. 27 Sept 2011

Stucture of AIDS-like virus enzyme solved in three weeks by online gamers
The gamers achieved their discovery by playing Foldit, an online game developed by the University of Washington that allows players to collaborate and compete in predicting the structure of protein molecules. 23 Sept 2011

Aging of adult stem cells can be reversed
The aging process for human adult stem cells can be reversed by adjusting areas of DNA thought to be 'junk'. 21 Sept 2011

Brain stents increase risk of stroke and death
Stents inserted in arteries in the brain to reduce to reduce the high risk of repeat strokes have been found instead to significantly increase strokes and deaths. 21 Sept 2011

New aptamer based sensors will lead to cheap ultra-portable blood testing
The University of Toledo in Ohio has developed a low-cost, portable technique that is able to quickly and reliably detect specific proteins in a sample of human blood. 20 September 2011

Biogen Idec acquires Dompé joint ventures
Biogen Idec will acquire 100% of Dompé shares in its joint ventures in both Italy and Switzerland. 20 Sept 2011

Bruker introduces PRIME multidimensional solution for unravelling the proteome
PRIME leads to integrated approaches for modern proteomics and harnesses the strengths of MALDI and ESI mass spectrometry technologies. 20 Sept 2011

NuGEN and Advanced Liquid Logic to co-develop digital microfluidic cartridge technology
Advanced Liquid Logic will provide instrumentation, software and digital microfluidic cartridge technology to NuGEN for commercialization. 20 Sept 2011

UCLA creates cheap light-weight lens-free microscope using holograms
The prototype weighs about as much as a medium-sized banana and fits in the palm of a hand. It could be used to improve health care in remote areas of the world with little access to expensive diagnostic equipment. 20 Sept 2011

GE relaunches Optison ultrasound contrast agent in Europe
Optison is used in select echocardiograms. It is currently available in Germany, Italy, Spain, Austria, the Nordic countries and the UK. 20 Sept 2011

New cancer treatment could destroy all types of solid tumour
The new cancer treatment being developed at the University of Bradford has so far been tested on breast, colon, lung, sarcoma and prostate cancers. 15 Sept 2011

Draft guidance from NICE paves way for next-generation cardiac CT scanners  
The provisional recommendations support the use of the latest generation of scanners from Siemens Healthcare, Toshiba Medical Systems, Philips Healthcare, and GE Healthcare. 15 Sept 2011

Almac and Queen's University Belfast in £4.4m cancer research collaboration
The unique academic-business collaboration will help develop better tests for diagnosing and treating prostate, ovarian and breast cancer. 15 Sept 2011

Insulin pen with timer helps diabetics remember to take insulin on time
Called Timesulin, this innovative ‘smart cap’ marks the first major step forward in insulin pens for twenty years. 15 Sept 2011

Diabetes drug combined with glycolysis inhibitor effective in killing cancer cells
Blocking a key controller of energy production in cancer cells and treating them with the diabetes drug metformin effectively starves cancer cells. 13 Sept 2011

Genetic analysis confirms Black Death caused by plague bacterium
Genetic analysis of medieval  skeletons of victims of the Black Death has proven the presence of the plague bacterium, Yersinia pestis. 13 Sept 2011

St Jude gains CE mark for implanted neurostimulation device for migraine
St. Jude Medical, Inc. has received approval for its Genesis implanted PNS device for patients with intractable chronic migraine. 12 Sept 2011

North West Fund for Biomedical makes first investment in Liverpool start-up
The North West Fund has made its first investment in telemedicine, in Merseyside start-up company Med ePad. 8 Sept 2011

Welsh project to develop blood glucose monitor that can text alert in emergency
Scientists from Swansea University and Welsh companies are developing a non-invasive blood glucose monitor that will send a text alert when there is danger of a hypoglycaemic attack. 8 Sept 2011

Harmless soil bacteria used to deliver drugs direct to tumour cells
A genetically altered soil bacteria that specifically targets tumours could soon be used as a vehicle to deliver drugs to destroy cancer cells. 8 Sept 2011

Open MRI scanners reduce anxiety in patients
Patients who suffer from claustrophobia experience less anxiety if examined in open than in closed MRI scanners. 8 Sept 2011

Mechanism that triggers resistance to radiation after exposure discovered
University of Oslo researchers have discovered how exposure to radiation can make cancer cells and normal cells resistant to radiotherapy and chemotherapy. 8 Sept 2011

New self-retracting needle can cut rate of failed intravenous injections
A new form of needle with an automatic mechanism to reduce the rate of failed intravenous injections has been co-developed at Nottingham Trent University and Oberon Medical Innovations. 5 Sept 2011

Electronic nose could detect heart failure
A team at University Hospital Jena in Germany is developing a non-invasive method using gas sensors to detect volatile compounds given off by people suffering from heart failure. 5 Sept 2011

Eizo launches new range of RadiForce diagnostic monitors
EIZO UK has launched four new models, the 3 megapixel monochrome GX340 and colour RX340, and the 2 megapixel monochrome GX240 and colour RX240. 5 September 2011

Bayer Healthcare to acquire Pathway Medical Technologies. 5 Sept 2011

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