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Maquet launches operating table for precision surgery in orthopedics, traumatology and neurosurgery
The Maquet Yuno OTN has been developed to enable all surgical procedures to the upper and lower parts of the skeleton with a high degree of precision. 30 July 2011

Qualoupe LIMS features on-demand secure web reporting 
Two Fold Software's Qualoupe LIMS features secure web reporting that offers laboratory users greater flexibility by generating on-demand reports from lab data. 30 July 2011

Toumaz in joint venture with CCE to market Sensium Digital Plaster
Toumaz has established a new joint venture with California Capital Equity to expand the commercialisation and distribution of the Sensium Digital Plaster. 30 July 2011

Vaccine to protect from heroin high created
Researchers at The Scripps Research Institute in the US have developed a highly successful vaccine against a heroin high and have proven its therapeutic potential in animal models. 29 July 2011

Blu-ray disc technology leads to breakthrough in stem cell culture Scientists from the universities of Southampton and Glasgow have uncovered a new method for culturing adult stem cells using injection-moulded plastic with microscopic pits. 29 July 2011

Source BioScience receives NHS approval for automated cervical cancer screening technology
NHS Cancer screening Programmes has approved the use of Source BioScience BD FocalPoint 'No Further Review' technology for cervical cancer screening in the UK. 27 July 2011

SAS offers new clinical trials programming certification
SAS has expanded its Global Certification Programme offerings with the introduction of a new credential — SAS Certified Clinical Trials Programmer using SAS9. 27 July 2011

Pneumacare awarded CE mark for revolutionary respiratory measurement systems
Pneumacare's novel PneumaScan devices that use 3D imaging technology for measuring and assessing respiration. 27 July 2011

Paris hospitals’ technology transfer arm generates €17m revenue
Assistance Publique-Hôpitaux de Paris generated 17 million in revenues thanks to its technology transfer arm, OTTLIV, in 2010. 27 July 2011

Metanomics Health launches energy metabolite platform
The Energy Metabolite Platform maps key metabolites affecting the energy status of a biological system. 21 July 2011

Significant rise in survival rates for elderly lung cancer patients treated using radiosurgery
Details of advances in the use of stereotactic body radiotherapy to treat early stage lung cancer in both high risk operable and inoperable cases were presented at the biennial World Conference for Lung Cancer in Amsterdam. 21 July 2011

Leica Microsystems launches SCN400 F combined fluorescence and brightfield slide scanner
Leica Microsystems' SCN400 F brings together Leica’s award-winning brightfield slide scanning capabilities and multi-channel fluorescence imaging in a single platform.  21 July 2011

Isansys Lifecare launches low cost, low power wireless ECG cardiac monitor
British medical services startup, Isansys Lifecare Limited, has announced the world's first commercially available, clinical-grade, wireless cardiac monitor to support low cost continuous ECG heart monitoring. 21 July 2011

Coriell Institute maintains genetic bank with IBM monitoring system
The New Jersey-based Coriell Institute for Medical Research, the largest biobank of living human cells, is using IBM technology to advance its research of human genetic disease and to more efficiently maintain its massive collection of biological resources. 21 July 2011

IHD presents results of IHD-Amy blood tests for Alzheimer's disease
Innovative Health Diagnostics (IHD), has presented the first clinical results for its IHD-Amy blood test that can detect Alzheimer's disease from a very small blood sample. 20 July 2011

SPM responds to import of substandard surgical instruments into UK
Following the BBC’s recent investigation into poor-quality imported surgical instruments being supplied to the NHS, Sheffield Precision Medical (SPM) has commented on the need to purchase high quality products. 20 July 2011

Studies support antimicrobial properties of AMS silver alginate dressings
Advanced Medical Solutions Group plc has announced that two further clinical studies have recently been published, targeted to help drive continued growth in AMS’s key silver alginate woundcare business. 20 July 2011

Global diabetes epidemic escalating — 350 million adults affected
A major international study collating and analyzing worldwide data on diabetes since 1980 has found that the number of adults with the disease reached 347 million in 2008, more than double the number in 1980. 15 July 2011

New low-energy cardiac defibrillation method developed
An international team of scientists has developed a new low-energy method for terminating life-threatening cardiac fibrillation of the heart. 15 July 2011

Open-sided MRI scanner calms anxious patients
A state of the art, ‘open-sided’ MRI scanner has been bought by The Newcastle Clinic. Now people in the north of England and Scotland who suffer from claustrophobia or anxiety can now benefit from the revolutionary diagnostic service. 14 July 2011

NanoKTN announces second BlueSkyNano grants for advanced materials development
The UK Nanotechnology Knowledge Transfer Network has announced a partnership with Belfast-based ANSIN in launching its second BlueSkyNano awards scheme. 14 July 2011

UK government to invest £7.5m in research on sepsis
The UK Technology Strategy Board and the Department of Health are to invest up to £7.5 million to improve the future diagnosis, detection and management of sepsis. 14 July 2011

The IET introduces amended Wiring Regulations for medical locations
The UK Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET, formerly The IEE) has launched new wiring regulations with a major new section relating to all new electrical installations in medical locations. 14 July 2011

CRIP and biobank-suisse combine online access to biobanks
The German Central Research Infrastructure for molecular Pathology (CRIP) and biobank-suisse have linked their metabiobanks to enable access with a single sign-on for registered users. 14 July 2011

Liver surgery guided by ultrasound makes tumour removal safer and more effective
World renowned liver surgeon Professor Guido Torzilli is working with Aloka to explore the clinical benefits of intra-operative ultrasound in hepatic cancer surgery. 13 July 2011

Eating fresh strawberries boosts red blood cells
Eating strawberries for two weeks can improve the antioxidant capacity of blood and the ability of the body to protect itself from a range of diseases and physiological stresses. 12 July 2011

First drug to treat basic defect in cystic fibrosis sufferers
An international research team led by Queen’s University, Belfast, has developed a ground breaking treatment for cystic fibrosis. The new drug will benefit the 70,000 sufferers of the disease worldwide. 12 July 2011

First successful transplantation of a synthetic windpipe seeded with patient's own stem cells
Surgical history was made in Stockholm last month when a patient was given a new trachea made from a synthetic scaffold seeded with his own stem cells. The patient, a 36-year old man, is well on the way to full recovery and was due to be discharged from the hospital today. 8 July 2011

Ultrasound scanner measures blood pressure from many points in body
Researchers at Eindhoven University of Technology and Esaote have developed a new technique to measure blood pressure using ultrasound. Using an ultrasound scanner they will soon be able to measure the blood pressure pulse at many points in the body. 4 July 2011

Why the Michigan patient safety programme is so successful
A team of social scientists and medical and nursing researchers in the US and UK has pinpointed how a patient safety programme dramatically reduced the rates of potentially deadly central line bloodstream infections. 4 July 2011

Hertfordshire's humanoid robot chosen as top research project in UK universities
The University of Hertfordshire’s groundbreaking work on KASPAR, a child-like robot it developed to help children with autism, has been chosen as one of the most important research projects taking place in UK universities. 4 July 2011

Gene therapy cures Type 1 diabetes in mice
An experimental gene therapy cure for Type 1 diabetes has had a nearly 80% success rate in curing diabetic mice. 4 July 2011

Pipeline embolization device gives new hope for treating complex brain aneurysms
PED gives doctors the ability for the first time to treat some of the most complex and dangerous brain aneurysms using minimally invasive techniques. 4 July 2011

How to reduce carcinogens in the BBQ
The grilling process and types of food cooked can mean barbecues have high levels of carcinogens. Small changes to what and how you grill can keep cancer off the menu. 4 July 2011

New ACL fixation device could revolutionise major knee surgery
A team from the University of Aberdeen’s School of Engineering and the Royal Orthopaedic Hospital, have developed a new fixation mechanism which could improve the success rate in cruciate knee ligament surgery. 4 July 2011

Royal College of Surgeons says UK should trial voice-box transplantation
The procedure would be used to restore power of speech, allow swallowing and improve breathing for the 1,000 people every year in the UK whose larynx is destroyed by trauma or benign or low-grade malignant tumours. 4 July 2011

BIA Separations wins KAPPA-Health award for being model SME in EU projects
The company received the award because it is “a model of the wide range of successful research-intensive SMEs participating in an EU co-funded project”.  4 July 2011

Siemens’ Biograph mMR system receives FDA clearance
Biograph mMR is the world’s only fully integrated whole-body molecular MR with simultaneous magnetic resonance and positron emission tomography data acquisition.  4 July 2011

Manchester team wins award for developing cruciate ligament device
A group of clinicians, technology specialists and R&D managers from Manchester have been awarded the 2011 PraxisUnico Collaborative Impact Award for exceptional team work. 4 July 2011

ProTip achieves ISO 13485 and obtains CE mark for intra-laryngeal implant
These achievements open the way for ProTip to begin manufacturing and selling activities. 4 July 2011

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