The IET introduces amended Wiring Regulations for medical locations

14 July 2011

The UK Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET, formerly The IEE) has launched new wiring regulations with a major new section relating to all new electrical installations in medical locations.

The new regulations are titled: IET Wiring Regulations, 17th Edition, BS 7671:2008 incorporating Amendment No.1, 2011.

The new section, Section 710, relates to hospitals, private clinics, medical and dental practices, healthcare centres and dedicated medical rooms. The amended IET Wiring Regulations, jointly published with BSI, categorises medical locations into three groups dependent upon the associated risk to patients of electric shock or loss of life through failure of an electrical supply. Requirements for the protection of circuits supplying critical medical equipment are also set out in this section.

In addition to this new section, the amended Wiring Regulations introduce a number of other new Sections relating to electromagnetic disturbances, devices for protection against overvoltage, operating and maintenance gangways and changes to Appendix 6 which introduces the Electrical Installation Condition Report to replace the Periodic Inspection Report.

Geoff Cronshaw, Chief Electrical Engineer at the IET said: “The work behind Section 710 has been going on since 1988 and reflects the heightened risks in electrical installations of medical locations. It is therefore essential that all designers and electrical installers working in hospitals, dental practices and other medical settings familiarise themselves with the amended IET Wiring Regulations, to ensure that the work they do is compliant with BS 7617:2008(2011).”

More information

The IET is the authority on the requirements for electrical installations and the amended IET Wiring Regulations can be purchased from

There will also be guidance available covering electrical installations in medical locations available from the IET in October.


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