SAS offers new clinical trials programming certification

27 July 2011

SAS has expanded its Global Certification Programme offerings with the introduction of a new credential — SAS Certified Clinical Trials Programmer using SAS9.

The exam for the credential will have a clinical trials programming focus and require proficiency in areas such as data manipulation/integration, production of data listings, tables and figures according to a Statistical Analysis Plan, and the generation of graphs and reports. Basic knowledge of clinical trials and statistical methodology also will be required in order to pass the exam.

"Customers have been asking for a way to help affirm the skills and knowledge of programmers who use SAS to create, validate, and maintain programmes necessary for the capture and analysis of clinical trials data," said Larry Stewart, vice president of the education division at SAS. "SAS is so prevalent across this industry, a certification that is specific to clinical trials programming skills using SAS is a natural fit. With such wide interest, we were able to bring together a broad cross-section of practitioners and hiring managers from academic research organisations, contract research organisations and pharmaceutical companies, as well as industry consultants and SAS Press authors, to help define and develop the exam."

Source: SAS

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