Studies support antimicrobial properties of AMS silver alginate dressings

20 July 2011

Advanced Medical Solutions Group plc has announced that two further clinical studies have recently been published, targeted to help drive continued growth in AMS’s key silver alginate woundcare business.

The studies, which were published in both The International Wound Journal and the Journal of Woundcare, demonstrate the antimicrobial efficacy of one of AMS’s commercialised silver alginate dressings in killing 160 chronic and burn wound microorganisms, including 29 strains of the superbug Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA).

Chris Meredith, Chief Executive Officer of AMS stated: “We are very pleased with the efficacy results for our silver alginate woundcare products, which continue to prove effective against MRSA, one of the most problematic infections to treat. Our quality silver alginate products, coupled with supporting clinical evidence such as these latest studies, have helped our partners successfully capture 20% of the US$230 million global antimicrobial fibre market in the last five years. We look forward to continued success in this area.”

Source: AMS Group plc


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