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Microvisk introduces world’s first MEMS-based diagnostics system in the US
North Wales-based Microvisk Technologies has introduced its handheld devices that monitor the blood clotting status of patients to the US market. 31 August 2011

Sequenom and Lifecodexx partner to develop non-invasive test for trisomy 21
The companies have agreed to collaborate in the development and launch of a trisomy 21 laboratory developed test and other aneuploidies testing in German speaking countries in Europe. 31 August 2011

D4D offers awards to develop assistive and renal technologies
Devices For Dignity (D4D) is offering £30,000 in a proof-of-concept competition designed to accelerate the development of promising ideas in the healthcare technology sector. 31 August 2011

Siemens expands angiography systems with catheter navigation technology
The MediGuide navigation technology from St Jude Medical locates the catheter during cardiac interventions and projects its precise position in realtime. 31 August 2011

Older people's brains not slower but wiser than young brains
The brains of older people are wiser than young brains and are not slower, but only react to change when necessary. This strategy allows older adults to achieve an equivalent level of performance. 26 August 2011

Dogs can detect lung cancer from breath
Sniffer dogs could be used for the early detection of lung cancer from the breath of patients, according to researchers at Schillerhoehe Hospital in Germany. 25 August 2011

Hitachi Aloka Medical marks European debut at World Congress of Ultrasound in Medicine and Biology
Hitachi Medical Corporation and Aloka Corporation have combined their strengths in ultrasound to form Hitachi Aloka Medical Ltd a subsidiary of Hitachi Medical Corporation. 24 August 2011

First changes in 100 years to method for checking high blood pressure
The way blood pressure is diagnosed and treated is set to be revolutionised following new guidelines issued by NICE. 24 August 2011

Genome sequencing traces cholera pandemic back 40 years to Bay of Bengal
Advanced genome sequencing has shown that the latest cholera pandemic can be traced back to an ancestor that first appeared 40 years ago in the Bay of Bengal. 24 August 2011

Cloud computing with TRIAD speeds up biomedical data analysis
The Translational Research Informatics and Data management grid (TRIAD) is a cloud computing platform for analysing biomedical data at an unprecedented rate. 22 August 2011

Low-power microwaves destroy malaria parasites in blood
Penn State University researchers have demonstrated that low-power microwaves can destroy malaria parasites in the blood without harming blood cells. 19 August 2011

Neurons created from skin cells give hope for Alzheimer's treatment
Columbia University Medical Center researchers have for the first time directly converted human skin cells into functional forebrain neurons, without the need for stem cells of any kind. 19 August 2011

Southampton University awarded £17m for nutrition and respiratory research
The funding has secured the future of the Southampton Centre for Biomedical Research for the next five years. 19 August 2011

Lack of vitamin D increases the aggressiveness of colon cancer
Researchers at the Vall d’Hebron Institute of Oncology (VHIO), in collaboration with the Alberto Sols Institute of Biomedical Research (CSIC-UAB), have confirmed the role of vitamin D in inhibiting colon cancer. 16 August 2011

Nanostructured glass optics will reduce the cost of medical imaging
University of Southampton researchers have developed new nano-structured optical elements from glass that will significantly reduce the cost of medical imaging. 16 August 2011

New evidence that TB vaccine can stimulate body to fight cancer
Researchers at St George’s University of London have found a potential new mechanism to stimulate the body’s own ability to fight cancer using the BCG vaccine. 16 August 2011

New centre for radiopharmaceutical development at University Hospital Munich
PET Net GmbH has reached an agreement with the University Hospital of Munich to install a new center for radiopharmaceutical development and production. 13 August 2011

Simple blood oxygen test identifies newborns with dangerous heart defects
A simple test to measure blood oxygen in newborns has been shown to identify babies with life-threatening congenital heart defects, a major cause of infant mortality in the developed world. 13 August 2011

SuppreMol employs Protagen biomarkers in SLE study
SuppreMol and Protagen have announced a collaboration to identify therapy-related biomarkers in patients with Systemic Lupus Erythematosus. 13 August 2011

apceth granted German licence to produce somatic cell therapeutics
Munich-based apceth has become on of the first companies in Germany to be granted a manufacturer's licence for the production of somatic cell therapeutics pursuant to Section 13, German Medicines Act. 13 August 2011

Evangelisches Krankenhaus Bielefeld signs ten-year radiology agreement with Siemens
German hospital operator Evangelisches Krankenhaus Bielefeld (EvKB) has signed a ten-year partnership agreement with Siemens Healthcare to provide and maintain a new radiology suite. 11 August 2011

Plasticell delivers stem cell differentiation protocols to Stemnion
Plasticell used its flagship technology CombiCult to discover multiple novel, serum-free protocols that direct the differentiation of Stemnion’s human placenta-derived stem cells into hard-to-obtain lineages. 11 August 20101

Innovative diagnostic devices win NHS Smart Solutions competition
A cardiovascular screening system that uses retinal images, new devices to detect blocked leg arteries and neuropathy in diabetics, and a service which uses a monitoring device to diagnose sleep apnoea in patients’ own homes, are the winners of an NHS competition. 11 August 2011

Mirador Biomedical receives CE mark for Compass pressure measurement platform
Seattle-based Mirador Biomedical, Inc has received CE Mark approval and an ISO 13485 Quality Management System Certification for its Compass platform. 10 August 2011

Optical coherence tomography shows promise for assessing nail disease
Recent studies by the Musculoskeletal Biomedical Research Unit at Leeds University NHS Trust indicate that optical coherence tomography has considerable potential for the evaluation of psoriatic nail disease. 10 August 2011

Aberdeen University spinout to commercialise antibodies
Vertebrate Antibodies (VAb) Limited is a new biotech company spun out of the University of Aberdeen to provide new tools to help researchers trying to understand the biology and process of diseases that affect humans and animals. 10 August 2011

Otto Bock launches next-generation artificial leg with more natural walking
Otto Bock's C-Leg features mechanical and electronic enhancements that enables users to achieve an improved and more natural walking pattern. 9 August 2011

Cell culture provides alternative to animal testing of products
Laboratory-grown cells can be used as an alternative to animal testing to indicate sensitivity to chemicals and allergic responses for the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry. 8 August 2011

Opportunities for medical device manufacturers in motorsport industry
There are many shared values in the production of components for the medical and motorsport industries, from the highest degree of engineering integrity to the paramount value of reliability. 5 August 2011

Granton Medical offers clean packing solution for surgery-ready products
Sheffield-based Granton Medical is offering a new service for the healthcare and medical marketplace, providing a customisable medical device packing solution. 5 August 2011

Michelson Diagnostics targets US market for skin cancer imaging products
Michelson Diagnostics has announced plans to expand availability of its revolutionary products for skin cancer imaging in the United States with the formation of a US subsidiary. 5 August 2011

Lophius Biosciences closes €1.4m additional financing
Lophius Biosciences, a developer of novel, innovative T-cell-based diagnostic test systems, has announced the closing of an additional financing round totaling €1.4 million. 5 August 2011

Maxim acquires MEMS developer SensorDynamics
Maxim Integrated Products has acquired Austrian company SensorDynamics, a privately held semiconductor company that develops proprietary sensor and microelectromechanical (MEMS) solutions. 5 August 2011

Compound in bear bile could prevent arrhythmia after heart attack
A synthesised compound which is also found in bear bile could help prevent disturbances in the heart’s normal rhythm. 3 August 2011

New multidrug-resistant strain of Salmonella spread by poultry production
A new study has identified the recent emergence of a multidrug-resistant strain of Salmonella that has high resistance to ciprofloxacin, a common treatment for severe Salmonella infections. 3 August 2011

Articificial nanoparticles shown to affect the heart
A team of German scientists has for the first time shown, in an isolated rodent heart, that selected artificial nanoparticles have a direct effect on heart rate and heart rhythm. 3 August 2011

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