Mirador Biomedical receives CE mark for Compass pressure measurement platform

10 August 2011

Seattle-based Mirador Biomedical, Inc., has received CE Mark approval for its entire Compass platform as well as an ISO 13485 Quality Management System Certification.

The Compass is a single-use, inexpensive, digital pressure measurement device with integrated LCD designed to quickly and easily incorporate into procedural workflow, eliminating cumbersome cabling and capital equipment required by other solutions.

The device provides confirmation and guidance for many common hospital procedures including:

  • vascular access;
  • lumbar puncture;
  • thoracentesis;
  • paracentesis;
  • compartment syndrome monitoring;
  • arterial access, and
  • epidural anesthesia.

“Point-of-Access pressure measurement can enhance the safety, speed, and ease of a wide variety of procedures. Unfortunately, current solutions increase procedural complexity and introduce opportunities for infection. The Compass offers the benefits of pressure monitoring without the complexity. This simplicity and safety is particularly important as physician extenders and procedure teams are increasingly performing these procedures,” said Dr. Justin Hulvershorn, Mirador’s Chief Science Officer.

The Compass Vascular Access and Compass Lumbar Puncture have been commercially available in the US since early 2011 and have been used in nearly 2,000 procedures at more than 50 hospitals.
“With US sales picking up briskly, we look forward to expanding our commercialization effort in the EU and introducing this novel device family to European physicians,” said Mirador CEO Karl Schmidt.

Source: Mirador Biomedical


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